E3 2009: Project Natal Xbox 360 Announcement

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We bring you a look at Project Natal, the Xbox 360 controller-less interface, coming soon. Now known as Kinect, with voice recognition and facial recognition.

36 thoughts on “E3 2009: Project Natal Xbox 360 Announcement

  1. Oh please, my Kinect always had a fucking seizure if more than one person was even in the house, not just in the room. :P

  2. Was a brazilian project. "Natal" is a city of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. But "Natal" is "Christmas" in portuguese too.

  3. This trailer made Kinect look like it had potential, but all we got was a barely functional plastic piece of garbage with nothing but family orientated cringe-fests and crap games. Except for The Gunstringer, that game kicked ass.

  4. This is was they wanted when they made the Kinect but the Kinect was nothing like this not even the Xbox one Kinect

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