8 Backwards Compatible Games You MUST Play On Xbox One

Skate 3 and Mass Effect 2 are backwards compatible on Xbox One, but where do they rank in our list of the best?
Is there an amazing Xbox 360 back compat game we’ve missed off our list? Put it in the comments below.
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18 thoughts on “8 Backwards Compatible Games You MUST Play On Xbox One

  1. Guernicaman

    Funny thing is I own all these games & it's great to see them as backwards-compatible titles on Xbox One for me to either finally finish, get all achievements or play all over again! One cool feature of 360 backwards-compatible games on Xbox One is that, because they're emulated, all games feature locked v-sync, which means, no more screen-tearing (something you'd often see in some titles & could ruing the immersive experience of a game). Also, there are still plenty of Xbox 360 games, a lot of which I still own, that are still needed to be added as backwards-compatible titles. Hopefully we'll see it happen soon!

  2. ElectricMonkey

    Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning would be good as a Back Compat title. As well as Dead Space 2 & 3. They're EA so Access members would get them for free too which is good


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