3 Blinking Red Lights On The Xbox 360 – What Do They Mean?

According to some sources, The Xbox 360 3 blinking red lights problem affects one in three consoles. That's a huge number of consoles affected and therefore a huge number of unhappy gamers. What's even worse is the fact that the actual number of affected consoles may be much higher, some even suggest over the 50% mark. If your console has the blinking red light error then this article is for you! In it I am going to discuss what the lights mean, what causes them and whether it is actually possible to fix the problem.

The 3 blinking red lights are your console's way of telling you that it has experienced what is technically known as a "general hardware failure". This is where something has gone wrong with the consoles components and to prevent further damage it has gone into a standby mode and displayed the flashing red lights at the front to warn you. The problem affects both normal and elite Xbox 360s, especially ones made during the first two years of production.

So what causes the problem? Well, the 3 blinking red lights are caused by overheating inside the console. Xbox 360 it gets very hot, very quickly? In fact, some gamers' consoles have gotten so hot that they were actually able to fry eggs on the outer casing! The reason for this overheating is that the Xbox 360 is a powerful computer housed in a small casing. Therefore, there is too much heat spread over too little of an area which then causes malfunctions in the components. If it is left for too long the heat can even cause damage to the processor, graphics chip and possibly even warp the motherboard.

So how can one fix the problem? The only real way to fix the 3 blinking red lights error is to repair it yourself. I know that this sounds crazy, however, it is actually possible to do this at home using just basic tools. Of course the process is reasonably detailed so it is too complicated to describe in writing. To carry out the repair safely and effectively you really need video and audio guides that will walk you through the repair procedure and give you the best results. There are a number of Xbox 360 repair guides on the internet that contain quality video and audio as well as good customer support. I would highly recommend buying one of these as they are generally very well priced, rather than risking your console using the towel wrap trick or re-soldering it yourself – both of these methods can do more harm than good.

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