Xbox Live Clans – Gaming Communities on Xbox Live

There are a host of Xbox Live clans available to choose from. Some are organized clans consisting of ranking structures similar to military standards while others choose to be a disorganized collection of gamers.

Some Xbox Live clans will only accept the best players with the most impressive skills into their groups. Others will allow anyone looking to have fun and connect to join their community. It varies greatly clan to clan.

There are tons of Xbox Live clans but many are only are specific video game titles. Clans are predominately popular on games such as Halo and Call of Duty but they can be found on many other games as well.

Last Khaos Gaming, also known as LKG, thrives to be an open community for gamers of all sorts to join together and become united as friends, family and friendly competition.

LKG was originally established as an Xbox Live clan back in the middle of 2007. Some unfortunate events took place and the clan was shut down months later even though the community was growing rapidly.

Now, Last Khaos Gaming is back and on the rise yet again.

LKG is looking for new members to join in on the fun and come into the family of the best of Xbox Live clans. We are open to letting anyone join unlike many other clans!

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While we are “new”, we do know what we are doing from years of experience in various Xbox Live clans mainly in the games Halo 2 & Halo 3. Our website is already thriving and we have also just recently launched our forums for the community to get together and chat on!

There will be many new features coming not only to the main site here, but also to the forums for our members to have the best possible experience both on and off of Xbox Live!

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