Xbox Kinect v Wii

Those who buy Kinect games won’t be shackled down by controllers like they would be with Nintendo’s console: every game is controlled entirely through body motion. There are no wands, controllers, buttons, or any other doodads to worry about. If you jump, your character jumps. You kick the soccer player on screen scores a goal. You row, the boat moves. It is a unique, one of a kind experience for gamers of all ages.

In addition to the control scheme, the Xbox Kinect offers superior graphics to the Wii. Due to the 360’s high tech hardware, games visuals can be pushed past what the relatively light weight Wii can provide. Players who appreciate HD gaming will definitely want to see what the Kinect has to offer.

The Wii does have the advantage of a head start: with nearly half a decade of games to choose from, the Wii’s library is full of a diverse selection of action, adventure, and party games. Kinect owners will be able to take advantage of the hundreds of 360 games for hardcore gamers, but the initial offering of motion games will be relatively slim.

Kinect is shaping up to be a scarce commodity. The sooner you purchase an Xbox Kinect, the better. Kinect stock doesn’t last long, so make sure you don’t miss out. If there is a Kinect in stock and you’re looking to purchase one, pick one up right away. However Kinect prices do differ and discounts are available so do compare Kinect prices if possible to find the cheapest Kinect prices. Bundles that include the 360 console are big sellers. These bundles come in either a standard 250 GB 360 version or a budget 4GB version. The only difference between the offers is the hard drive space; both are able to play any types of games available for the system.

The Xbox Kinect is the perfect gift for the family that plays together. Pick one up and enjoy the freedom of movement this controllerless system provides.

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