Xbox 360 Repair Crash Ring Of Death – Avoid A Costly Repair Bill By Identifying It and Fixing It Yourself

Just as with other gaming consoles, the Xbox 360 can be susceptible to problems. What if I told you your power supply may be the cause of your crash and helped you fix it? One thing many Xbox gamers dread are the three red lights appearing. This happens when three lights flash red on the Ring of Light on the front of the Xbox game console. This is commonly referred to as the Crash Ring of Death. The upper right quadrant light is the only light not flashing red, when this happens. Following is some help with Xbox 360 repair crash ring of death when your power supply is red.

You can spot this when the power supply light goes from green to orange to red while the system is in use.

Thankfully, the power supply has built-in safeguards to notify you; they keep you from incurring system damage to power supply and the console both. One of the nice safeguards is the power supply will shut itself down if the power supply is too high and if the temperature of the power supply unit becomes to high. If any of these situations happens, the light will become red or shut off entirely.

What repair actions can you try? You should first test to see if the power supply unit is cool to the touch. The red lights you see may be telling you the power supply is becoming too hot. If the unit is too warm or even hot, let it cool for a few hours. You need to turn off your Xbox and leave it off until the power supply is completely cooled down. Once you find it has cooled back down, the power supply light should go from red to orange; you can turn your game console on again at this point.

One quick and basic repair method is to check that the power supply is properly plugged in. You may not realize it, but plugging the power supply into an extension cord, surge protector or power strip may be delivering the wrong voltage. If this is your situation, you should instead plug the power supply directly into a wall outlet.

The last Xbox 360 repair crash ring of death fix we can recommend is to try using a different power cord and power supply unit. If you have another power cord and power supply unit available to you, go ahead and test out your game console again. If the console does not turn on, the issue is the console itself. If you aren’t up and running once you’ve tried this advice, you may need to have your system professionally looked at.

If you’d like to continue with self repair, visit us at: Xbox 360 repair crash ring of death problems are easy to deal when you have a comprehensive repair guide handy.

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