Xbox 360 2 Red Lights – Learn How to Fix 2 Red Lights Error in Xbox 360

Xbox 360 boasts of advanced features like high resolution screen, clear and crisp audio and interesting games. It sounds so perfect already except that it actually has a few setbacks, one of which is the Xbox 360 2 red lights.

Red lights show up to indicate that Xbox 360 is experiencing problems. One common error is called “ring of death” which happens when 3 red lights flash altogether. However, the most frequently occurring problem and what most gamers complain about is Xbox 360 2 red lights. When 2 red lights flash at the same time, gamers have to stop playing temporarily or they risk having their console break down completely.

There are four lights located on the left side of a console. Two red LEDs flashing side by side is a technical error involving the gaming system. Simply put, it means the device is overheating. While some players mistake 3 red LEDs as caused by overheating also, it is best to clarify now that only 2 red LEDs flashing simultaneously is actually an overheating warning.

When 2 red LEDs suddenly flash, it is best to stop playing for the meantime for safety reasons and turn off the Xbox 360. This error problem is quite simple and is very easy to fix. You could be well on your game again in no time at all.

Meanwhile, check the plugs and make sure they are tightly connected. Loose connections may cause intermittent power signals to reach a gaming console. This is also why sometimes the audio becomes static and video screen blurs. In addition, check the cords that lead to the television to be sure they are securely connected as well.

Overheating happens usually because one is playing in a constricted room where ventilation is poor. Sometimes, even if one is playing in an air-conditioned room, but the internal fans break down, the console will also overheat. However, given that there is no internal malfunctioning, the console will work okay again after a few hours. Once powered on, the Xbox 360 2 red LEDs will not flash anymore.

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