What We Played #279 – Watch Dogs 2, Phoenix Wright & PlayStation 4 Pro

Well it’s finally here! PlayStation 4 Pro has arrived, and with it perhaps more questions than answers. Do you have the correct TV set-up to make the most of it? Why haven’t all the game patches arrived on day one? Can your eyes actually tell the difference between the games before and after their patch?

It’s an odd sort of console launch, as the PS4 Pro is, without question, the most powerful console ever made. Normally that would be accompanied a range of brand new titles, all of which aim to show off your new purchase, but there’s none of that for the Pro. Instead there’s has been a trickle of patches for a number of older games, as well as a few of the latest releases, but thus far none of them have really offered a compelling reason to upgrade.

Don’t get me wrong, Titanfall 2 looks great on a 4K TV with the extra oomph behind it, but it looked pretty darn good beforehand. Maybe next year we’ll see some serious differences, but thus far – whisper it – it’s a tiny bit disappointing, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt that on the first day of a console launch… I bet I’ll love it tomorrow though!

Along with Titanfall 2, I had a fairly enjoyable – but short – time with Robinson: The Journey which favours spectacle over compelling gameplay, and cribs far too much from Jurassic Park for its own good. Then it’s been a touch of Forza Horizon 3, a smidgen of Sword Art Online: Hollow Realisation and some of Eagle Flight which have been taking up my time.

Kris was first this week, and he’s been playing that there Uncharted 4, but feels like the puzzles are a little bit easier than in the past and that the gunplay isn’t really any different. It wasn’t all negative though, as the jeep sections are “cool”. And that’s that.

Our Steve has made a start on the huge undertaking that is Tyranny, as well as Doom, Letter Quest, Darkest Dungeon on Vita, and Mario Sticker Star, though it seems like all that gaming goodness has been tainted by this week’s electoral… stuff. For Miguel it’s probably a little closer to home, but he’s found time to finish off Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, as well as playing a hell of a lot of Steins;Gate 0 and the forthcoming Watch Dogs 2 for an equally forthcoming review.

Aran dropped in and has been a very busy boy;

This week has been about Reus, Football Manager 17, and Dishonored 2. Reus was reviewed while D2 is being reviewed. Currently doing a season with Ebbsfleet to get them into the Vanarama National league. Promotion should be easy enough. Somehow got Brede Hangeland as my assistant manager.

Tried out Jackal Assault for PSVR which was an alright 5 minute space battle. Also watched Invasion in VR which was a nice little gem of an animation.

Wait, I also bought Dangerous Golf and Volume in the sale. I’m trying to beat Jim’s scores in the former.

Dave made it back from his amazing-looking holiday, and though he’s only mildly filled our social media feeds with pictures and videos of a wonderful trip while we’ve been experiencing hail and freezing temperatures, he’s squeezed in some Phoenix Wright: Spirit Of Justice while also playing [redacted] on his [redacted] where you have to catch [redacted] and thinks that it’s [redacted]. Eye opening.

Speaking of which, Jake has been working his way through an awful lot of Pokémon games. There’s been Pokémon Platinum, Pokémon Heart Gold, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon Omega Ruby. He’s somewhat looking forward to Sun and Moon.

Last but by no means least is Stefan. He’s been turning on the PS4 Pro on the hour, every hour for the last week to see if new patches have appeared for various games – frustratingly, some of the launch day patches don’t seem to have. In addition to dipping in and out of all manner of Pro enabled games for our not quite PlayStation 4 Pro review – including playing through the Syria level of Rise of the Tomb Raider an unhealthy number of times – he’s also just been playing Titanfall 2 for fun, has enjoyed the first hour or so of The Little Acre – an lovely looking hand-drawn adventure game – and gave us a preview of Ubisoft’s Steep.

Now then, what have you played? Did you pick up a PS4 Pro?

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