What Gamers Want to See in the Future of Gaming

Through the years, the gaming industry has gone through many changes. The first video games were the coin operated arcade games that were installed in businesses and video arcades. Some of the first arcade games included Atari, Pinball, Battlezone, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Pong and Space Invaders. These games would keep young people busy for hours. They were often put in family locations such as restaurants and many kids would save their allowance or chore money all week long just to be able to enjoy their favorite arcade on the weekend.

As technology improved the coin operated arcade games gave way to the home console system. Many of us can remember our first game console and how awesome it was to be able to enjoy games without having to go to the arcade. These console systems hooked up to your television set and allowed you to play the best video games of the time at home. Before long, you could find one in just about every home.

As technology continued to improve, home computers went through many changes and became more advanced. We saw games being created for the PC from the first PCs that made it to market. This was yet another stage in the video game industry and evolution.

Then the Internet brought us even more opportunity to enjoy video games. Websites began offering online games which steadily became more popular and they continue to grow in popularity today. Social networking games and free online games are played by all types of gamers and there are online games that are designed for all age groups. The time for games is truly upon us and people of all ages and backgrounds are enjoying games.

But what are gamers looking to see more of in the future? What does the future hold for those of us who love games? To truly understand what gamers want, we also have to take a deeper look into the types of video games and where we stand.

Types of Video Games

Video games are placed in a specific genre based on the game play and the type of interaction they provide. Some of the most common genres are listed below:

• Racing Games
• Strategy Games
• Role Playing Games
• Action Games
• Real Time Strategy Games
• First Person Shooter Games
• Action Adventure Games
• Construction and Management Simulation Games

Today video games are even being used to help people with certain medical conditions. For example, memory games are believed to help people with Alzheimer’s disease and some of the Wii console games are used to help improve motor skills in patients with certain diseases or injuries.

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What Technology Might Bring in the Future

Virtual reality and motion games are expected to be big in the future. In fact, it may not be too long until you’ll be able to be completely immersed in the virtual world of video games. You may be able to control your game simply by thought. You think about what you want to do and it happens.

Emotiv Systems has announced a device called the EPOC which is the “first Brain Computer Interface”. It’s said to pick up and process over thirty different emotions, actions and expressions by measuring the electric activity. Gamers everywhere is excited about this new technology and the advancement in gaming that it will bring even though it will still be a few years before it’s available to the public.

This type of technology is expected to bring communities even closer together than they are now. The video games of the future are expected to be more competitive and have more in-depth story lines. Characters are expected to take on more realistic characteristics than they have today and developers are expected to be able to capitalize on all of the five senses.

Still, some of the aspects are expected to stay the same. For example, future games are expected to still be role playing games that involve skill, speed, strategy and there will probably still be shooter games available. We are seeing more motion sensor games that get the whole body involved.

We already have video games being used for some pretty amazing things besides just entertainment. They are being used to teach kids in school, to help special needs therapy and they are even used by the military for simulation and training exercises. They are used by NASA for training and simulation as well. Gaming is even used to help people with certain medical conditions and the elderly.

Now, recreational gamers are starting to see an evolvement of our games that molds with the training and simulation games that are used in various industries. There are flight simulators much like those used by the Air Force and other flight training. There are role playing games that allow us to be virtually anyone and anything we want. There are even games to help you feel like a singer or musician. With so many great games, where is there to go in the future?

It all depends on what the gamers want…

What Gamers Would Like to See in Future Games

Gaming is expected to continue to grow and expand in the future. So what would gamers like to see in the future? More online games that connect larger groups of individual together is something that many gamers would like to see because social interaction with other players is something most gamers enjoy.

Some gamers would like to see millions of people being able to compete with each other in virtual worlds all at once. The potential for this type of massive online game play is enormous. Another thing that gamers are looking for is virtual reality. We are only steps away from virtual reality gaming in our homes. Anything else that brings us closer to this type of virtual technology is a plus for gamers.

One thing is for certain about what gamers want to see more of. We’re tired of the same old story. We’re ready for something new and original. We want to see gaming played in a whole new way. Anything new, interesting, innovative and original is going to spike the interest of gamers today. We’re telling the gaming industry we are ready and we’re sitting back to see what they have to offer us.

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