Video Gaming Job Opportunities: Play Games for a Living

Getting paid a full time income to play video games all day sounds too good to be true.  In fact, only recently has video game testing become a real option for job seekers.  There are plenty of video gaming job opportunities available now; the trick is knowing where to find them and how to get them.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a competitive field.  There are many people out there looking for video game testing jobs.  The good news is that most of them will fail – not because of the experience they lack, but because they don’t know exactly what game companies are looking for or how to put together a strong enough resume.  Believe it or not, you don’t need years of experience behind your belt (that definitely helps, but it’s not necessary).

The funny thing is, many programmers and other people who work full-time for gaming companies aren’t actually gamers.  They won’t find the glitches and bugs that people who actually play the game will.  This is why game testers are so valuable; they’re the people who play the games – the audience itself.  Game testers are crucial for gaming companies so they know what to fix.

So if you want to get a job as a game tester, the first thing you’ll need is a strong resume.  In your resume, you should list all your prior video game experience, even if you’ve just played games at home all your life.  Put that down, because that’s exactly what companies are looking for.  Any other important accomplishments you’ve made and other jobs you’ve had should also be listed.

Video gaming job opportunities are all over the place; you just have to know how to nail those jobs with your experience.  As with any job, you have to be aggressive in your job search and not give up, because you will face rejection at some point.  The key is perseverance.

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