Starcraft 2 Zerg 1v1 Information

In this Starcraft 2 Zerg 1v1 guide, I will be masking all the fundamental procedures for dominating other players in online engage in. The finest units modify based on what race your opponent is and what units your opponent is finding. Down below, I will go over widespread enemy buildings and the best models you can select to counter these builds.

Zerg vs Zerg

In Zerg vs Zerg mirror matches, the greatest method will count on what your enemy is performing. Be absolutely sure to scout early to reduce your enemy from pulling off a rapid rush. After you get ready for any imminent hurry (or absence thereof), your following move is dependent on your opponent.

If your opponent is preserving 1 base and setting up a good deal of Zerglings, you will want to make some Roaches. Roaches demolish Zerglings. If the enemy is not creating a Lair, you do not have to get worried about air models mass Roaches and then go in. Similarly, if your enemy expends early, establish some Zerglings and Roaches and make him pay out for his early enlargement.

Now, if your enemy is keeping a solitary base and opting for Roaches, one particular of the finest procedures you can pull off is to rush for Mutalisks. Usually it normally takes Zerg players awhile to get a good amount of Roaches through this time you can get a speedy growth and toss down some Spine Crawlers. A Queen and Backbone Crawlers can protect towards the Roach force and will also prevent your enemy from checking out your Spire. Frequently just 4 early Mutalisks can gain a 1v1 Zerg match.

Zerg vs Protoss

When playing in opposition to Protoss gamers, the greatest construct at the time all over again relies upon on what the enemy is creating. If the enemy is constructing generally an infantry military (Zealots, Stalkers, and Sentries), you can do very well effectively building Roaches, Hydralisks, and Infestors.

If the enemy promises out Immortals, cease setting up Roaches. If the enemy qualified prospects out Colossi, be certain to include in Corruptors into your Hydralisk / Infestor combine. Mutalisks and Brood Lords are also really effective versus Protoss gamers, but these models are very highly-priced. Be certain you have the resources before you make any offensive air models.

Zerg vs Terran

Terran will be your toughest 1v1 match-up as Zerg. The Infestor is a important device that you will want to make schedule use of Neural Parasite is very efficient vs . Thors and Fungal Advancement is very powerful versus Marines and Marauders.

If the enemy is developing Infantry, all you will will need are Hydralisks, Infestors, and Mutalisks. The dilemma is when the enemy builds mechanical units like Hellions, Siege Tanks, and Thors. At this stage, you will want to use Infestors, Ultralisks, and air models. Ultralisks deal fantastic injury compared to Siege Tanks and Thors and are equipped to withstand some of their injury. Use your Ultralisks to bust as a result of Tank lines and send out your Mutalisks and Infestors in on a delayed get started to choose off Siege Tanks and solid Neural Parasite on Thors, respectively.

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