Social Media Tips – Locating Podcasts For Playstation – Portable

Are you a user of a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) device? If so, did you know you can use it to listen to your favorite podcasts? One look around and you will discover a plethora of available podcasts on and for your PSP. Many of those you will find on the device are simply directed at the distribution of information on the PSP and portable gaming. Many of them, simply act as clearing houses of information on the subject, distributing audio and video files.

If you do not use a PSP to watch videos, now you can. Developers integrated a software program that converges video formatted files such as.avi and.mppeg to PSP language files. Now, the PSP holds the ability to allow its user to download and play movies on the device.

When designers took the first step in creating the video conversion software for the PSP, it was a simple transition to allow it to do the same with podcasts. Podcasters were simply developing files as.avi or.mpeg then converting them to PSP language files. The podcasts could have been distributed via RSS feeds.

Anyone subscribing to RSS feeds or media aggregators are now able to download or instruct their RFF program to download anything new that comes out on a subject important to them. These files can be directly downloaded to their PSP and listened to at any time. This is no different than downloading movies that exist for the PSP. Today, what began as a simple gaming device has evolved into an all one media player for gaming, audio listening and movies.

And you thought a PlayStation was only for kids. Podcast On!

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