Seize the Opportunities in the Video Game Industry

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The video game industry has reached astronomical heights in the world market. Games like “Halo 3”, “Grand Theft Auto 4” and “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots” are just a few of the titles that have raked in millions of dollars of revenue that can compete with record breaking Hollywood blockbusters such as “Spider Man 3” and “The Dark Knight”.

The success and popularity of the video game industry, however, doesn’t come without controversies. Because gaming consumes quite a lot of time among gamers, video games seem to get the blame for anything bad that happens among today’s youth. Whether a student suffers from a lack of people skills, decreasing academic proficiency, or increased aggression, video games are often pegged as the culprit. Consequently, many parents and teachers have become even more worried about the future of their children, and whether or not their kids will grow up to be responsible adults.

But video games aren’t as evil or destructive as they’re usually thought to be. A child’s passion for gaming may eventually lead to a very lucrative career for him. Many people fail to realize that the gaming industry has improved vastly as a medium of entertainment. Beyond the crisp 3D high-definition visuals or the heart pumping 5.1 audio (7.1 in the case of “Metal Gear Solid 4”) features, more and more video games are becoming platforms for legitimate artistic expression. Games like the “Heavenly Sword” and the “Metal Gear Solid” franchise are just a few of the growing titles that use the gaming medium to explore relevant themes in society, such as ethics, politics and even philosophy. It may be true that there are still many games that exploit fast-paced excitement generated by action for action’s sake. But it can’t be denied that many games out there are actually an effective medium for communicating important and meaningful lessons the way books and movies do.

And indeed, the production values and story-telling of a growing number of video games can rival the best that Hollywood has to offer. It’s not surprising to see people in the movie industry get involved with video game projects.   For instance, dramatic director Andy Serkis (Gollum in “Lord of the Rings”) and film composer Harry Gregson-Williams (“The Replacement Killers”, “The Kingdom of Heaven”) have contributed their talents to some of the most popular games among children today

Even established professionals in the entertainment industry have realized and seized the vast opportunities present in the ever-growing gaming industry. Colleges all over the country have also begun offering courses that arm students with the necessary skills required for penetrating the industry. Hence, schools like Westwood College, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and the University of Phoenix have specialized courses that cover the different fields in the gaming industry. Now, anyone can have the chance to take advantage of the opportunities that the video game industry can offer.

For so many years, many people have splurged lots and lots of money for video games. Now, you may just be able to make money by having a career in the video game industry.

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