PS4 Pro – Before You Buy

The PS4 Pro touts 4K HD gaming thanks to more graphical horsepower. But is it really worth the upgrade? Jake Baldino takes a look.
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30 thoughts on “PS4 Pro – Before You Buy

  1. Ok at 0:47 I need to stop you right there. Who the hell said physical media is kind of dying? Lol 4k blu ray is the only way you are getting the full bitrate uncompressed video and dts/dolby atmos audio quality. You will not be getting those things with any shitty low end Netflix stream guruanteed. It's the same thing as comparing this upscaled "checkerboarding" 4k on the console to a 100% pure native 4k game on a PC. One is simply far superior and meant for true enthusiasts and the other is for the posers. Sorry but no… physical media especially movies is not dying. Far from it. Sony fucked up hard by not including a 4k blu ray drive in this thing when they are pushing 4k down everyone's throat with the way they are marketing this thing. This mistake from the same company that put DVD's and Blu Rays on the map with the PS2 and PS3 respectively. This from one of the main founding companies of the Blu Ray association. SMH.

  2. well i have a ps4 since its first release so i'll pass on the pro and also i dont have a 4k tv or even a 1080p tv (lol) so i wouldnt be able to tell the difference. though i agree if anyone wants to get a ps4 that hasnt got one yet, get the pro.

  3. Your thumbnails are so cringy I'm about to create my own YouTube channel, do the same thing you do, and make a video about you saying: before you watch gameranx!!

  4. the only justifiable reason for releasing this thing, is if it was going to play everything 1080p 60fps. its 2016, you could get that performance from a $500 pc build. it doesnt do this and so therefore its an utter cash grab, they'll probably release another console in a year or 2 that will do what you'd expect a gaming console to do

  5. If it wasn't for your exclusives Sony you would be dead in the water smh but I will get this console because I want to play those exclusives

  6. Fuck you Sony. I don't have a PS4 yet, but when I pick up Final Fantasy XV on November 29, I'm also picking up a PS4….. SLIM

  7. One important thing missing from the video: if you have the PlayStation VR, upgrading to the Pro is much more significant as many VR titles got patches that noticeably improve graphic quality without sacrificing FPS.

  8. I bought the PS4 Pro the same day it came out. I don't have a 4K TV (I own a 1080p). I don't care much what people think of it, whether it is a great console or not. I just enjoy the consol so far and the feauters it includes. I understand some people expected much more from this updated PS4. When the first PS4 came out people also paid around 400 euros for it. Now that I bought it for 380 euros I guess I got a little bit more for my money than the buyers of the first PS4.

  9. Part of me wants this, but I don't have a 4k TV, and probably won't have one for awhile. Just wish the price was a bit more reasonable, hard to justify trading my PS4 in for $150 and still coming out of pocket $250 for slightly better graphics and a larger hard drive.

  10. I have a 4k monitor that I use my ps4 on, and while I wouldn't mind a ps4 pro, even afters selling my ps4 it would be 250$. no thanks. Escpecially because I dont have access to HDR tech, which is what I really want. When OLED 4k hdr TVs drop to just over 1k, maybe then I'll get one. But by then there will probably be another option.

  11. If I buy PS4 Pro (don't have a PS4, only PS3 and PC) so if games I own/will buy doesn't get upgraded for PS4 Pro, can't I play them on PS4 Pro?

  12. Having a PC and XBOX One makes this not so appealing. Only reason to buy would be to play with my friends who were too poor to buy XBOX One when it first came out. But $400 into my PC can go along way so there is that….

  13. Wow this TOTALLY DOESNT SOUND LIKE HOW PC GAMING WORKS…BUT WORSE IN EVERY FUCKING REGARD, at the least it should just be 60fps PRIORITISED and enhanced resolution second, starting at 1080p than 1440p and then 4K, GREAT IDEA but the execution makes me want to chop my foreskin of and chew it and spit it down the throat of whatever fuck wit's idea it was to pull this new console off.

  14. Reasons I won't get a PC, I only play FIFA and battlefield atm, don't think a PC is worth it just for battlefield (FIFA is wank on PC). And also, the PS4 games coming out soon look so sick, but mainly, naughty dog is only in PlayStation, and they make my favourite games. And, I fucking hate windows, can't imagine having to use that everyday, I would kill myself

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