PS3 Trophies Explained

The recently launched PS3 Trophy System provides a selection of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum ornaments which are designed to add additional re-play value to your favorite titles while simultaneously providing Sony with a reply to the much loved Xbox 'Achievements'.

The Trophy system was announced as part of the 2.40 firmware update and works by awarding the avid gamer trophies for completing various tasks within a certain title (ie Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and the upcoming Burnout Paradise). These tasks are set at the developer's discretion and successful completion will contribute to your overall standing in the game which ultimately determines your skill level.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies can be obtained during the actual gameplay while the hallowed Platinum trophy can only be earned if you have collected every other trophy in the game.

You'll find the Trophy collection icon benefit the Game icon on the PlayStation 3 toolbar, the display features your present haul plus such details as the date you achieved the award and what you had to do to get hold of it; your friends and fellow gamers can see what you've been up to achievement-wise when they click on your name and hopefully turn green with envy in the process!

The PS3 Trophy system is all about bragging rights, a valuable currency in PlayStation land, and an impressive collection of these virtual accolades will allow you to show off on PSN or maybe inspire you to upload a triumphant video onto YouTube.

The system also provides an additional incentive to replay a game, something to aim for above and beyond reaching the games conclusion, plus with 'Home' all set for launch any gamer worth their salt will want their home trophy cabinet to be full of awards.

At present PS3 Trophies have not quite done the imagination of the PS3 gaming community (although there is a dedicated website, this could be due to the fact that game developers have been a little slow to react to the feature with some big releases not even bothering to include trophies at all, though more recently the mood looks to be that Trophies will become a mandatory part of future PS3 titles.

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