PS3 Blinking Red Light of Death Fix- Fix in under an hour

Is your ps3 showing the red light of death error code? Don’t stress yourself out you can easily fix this problem yourself. I had this error happen to me a few weeks back and was able to fix my ps3 within two hours. I purchased the ps3 light fix guide written by rob Sheffield and it made the repair so easy. The guide is very detailed including pictures and video file to assist you.

Check out ps3 light fix here

Why should I fix my ps3 myself?

By fixing your ps3 yourself you save over $150 in repair costs. That’s right the average charge for a ps3 fix is around $150. You will also have to wait around 4-6 weeks for your playstation to go through the repair process.

Why is ps3 light fix guide the best guide on the market?

Ps3 light fix unlike any other guide on the market includes 24/7 support and has step by step videos. The guide also has full color illustrations along with each repair.

Who is the creator of ps3 light fix?

The creator of ps3 light fix is rob Sheffield. Sheffield has been a certified ps3 repairman since the gaming console was released to the market.

Why wait six weeks and pay over $150 to have your ps3 fixed?

Again why would you want to wait six weeks to have your playstation 3 repaired. After purchasing the ps3 light fix guide I was able to have my ps3 running again within 2 hours. I also saved myself the $150 repair charge.


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