Support for Two Hoenn-based Pokémon Added to Game

(Photo: Official Pokémon website)Gen 3 Pokémon Deoxys and Castform.

It looks like developer Niantic Labs is inching closer to bringing the much-awaited Generation 3 Pokémon to its hit augmented reality game “Pokémon GO.”

The latest changes in the title’s Android Package Kit (APK), as datamined by the folks over at the ever-reliable “Pokémon GO” source The Silph Road, reveal newly added support for some creatures from the Hoenn region.

Support for four forms of two new Gen 3 species namely the psychic-type Mythical Pokémon Deoxys and the normal-type Pokémon Castform were found in “Pokémon GO.”

Deoxys comes with the forms Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed Form while Castform, who changes its form based on the current weather, expectedly comes with the forms Normal, Sunny, Rainy and Snowy.

The Gen 3 Pokémon adapts to the weather conditions, which is why in its Sunny form, he becomes a fire-type. When in his Rainy or Snowy form, he transforms into a water-type and ice-type, respectively.

As the folks of The Silph Road explains about these discoveries:

This groundwork needed to be laid before these species could appear in “Pokemon GO,” so we’re excited to see this progress and momentum towards Gen III!

Of course, there is still some work that needs to be done. Unless sound files containing the cries of the Hoenn-based Pokémon are not added yet, which is one of the final steps done before new Pokémon rollout, the Gen 3 launch is not close.

Either way, Niantic is clearly setting up the next-generation Pokémon’s arrival to “Pokémon GO” so it won’t be long before the Gen 3 creatures start to land in the game.

We may be as close as 1 client-side update away from Gen III, travelers. At any rate, we’re excited these updates are coming so closely together (only 4 days since the last APK mine)! I have a feeling it’s going to be a good month on the Road.

For now, players can get by the wait by taking part in the upcoming “Pokémon GO” Halloween event.

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