Pokemon GO Raid Beat Solo Using Six Xatu

YouTuber and avid Pokemon GO player DrAwesomeBlox has been trying to complete a solo raid with his team of Xatus for awhile now. After a couple of failed attempts, he has finally achieved his goal, completing a Machamp raid solo using six of the psychic/flying-type Pokemon Xatu.

For most players, it’s unrealistic to beat a raid solo in Pokemon GO, especially against a higher-tier raid Pokemon like Machamp. However, DrAwesomeBlox did just that, and with a rather unorthodox team. While Xatu isn’t one of the best Pokemon to take into raids, it’s worth noting that DrAwesomeBlox’s Pokemon of choice is super effective against the fighting-type Pokemon Machamp.

Even so, DrAwesomeBlox’s feat is impressive, to say the least. Many Pokemon GO players struggle to put together raid groups competent enough to have any success at the higher-tier raids, with some players in rural areas completely out of luck. But DrAwesomeBlox has proven that completing the more challenging Pokemon GO raids is possible solo, though players will need to spend an absurd amount of stardust to get Pokemon powerful enough to get the job done.

According to DrAwesomeBlox, he spent nearly 650,000 stardust leveling his Xatu to be powerful enough to take down Machamp. Luckily, DrAwesomeBlox was able to collect this stardust during the game’s recent fall equinox event, which doubled the amount of stardust players earned in the game.

Overall, it seems as though DrAwesomeBlox’s efforts were worth it. He was able to defeat Machamp with a mere two seconds left on the clock, and then managed to catch the rare Pokemon in his first attempt with a perfect throw. Granted, he could have went with one of the more powerful Pokemon in the game to make it easier, but then it wouldn’t have been quite as entertaining.

Any Pokemon GO player that has struggled with raids since they were introduced this past summer will likely be impressed by DrAwesomeBlox’s feat. It is drawing a lot more attention to his small YouTube channel than he’s used to, and it will be interesting to see if he tries to top this to retain some of his new viewers. Perhaps DrAwesomeBlox will try his hand at completing a legendary raid with his Xatu team next.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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