How to Reroll Raid Bosses for Higher CP

Pokemon GO fans who have been getting involved in the game’s new legendary Pokemon raids will all know the pain of finally defeating the powerful raid boss, only for it to drop in Capture Points (CP) dramatically when it comes to catching it. Now, a new tried and tested method allows players to exploit a visual bug in order to reroll the Pokemon, in the hopes of getting a more acceptable power level.

The visual bug was first discovered as a strange but ineffectual way to raise CP levels. When victorious in a raid battle, the boss Pokemon‘s allocated CP will be displayed for each player but each device will roll a different number. If at least two players are taking part in the raid, having one close and re-open the app on the catch screen gives Pokemon GO trainers a chance of appearing to recieve the same CP as their fellow player, instead of the original score.

Pokemon GO EX Raid Battle testing

Using the above method is just a simple glitch which will not actually change the Pokemon‘s strength when caught, but there’s a way to use this to a player’s advantage. To genuinely alter a Pokemon‘s CP, players can force close their app just before the raid boss is defeated, causing the encounter to finish without them.

A trainer who stays in the fight can then close their app once the CP has been generated and re-open to discover what power level the other player would receive, should they choose to re-enter the raid. If they aren’t happy with the number, all they have to do is wait 15 minutes for the raid to reset, then defeat the Pokemon once again for a CP reroll.

This new method can be repeated as many times as possible before the raid runs out, but most players will probably see it as a bit of a hassle, especially on the tougher legendary battles. When it comes to ultra-rare Pokemon like the new, exclusive Mewtwo raids however, trainers might be a little more willing to spend extra time in the hopes of getting a better catch.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

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