Xbox One S vs PS4!

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PS4 vs Xbox One S! The newest Xbox One model is here, so let’s review of how it compares to the PS4 in gameplay, media functions, and more!

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30 thoughts on “Xbox One S vs PS4!

  1. Blkeclipse L

    im the type of guy that enjoys best of both worlds. i dont have the ps4 pro or xbox oneS but i do have both the ps4 and xbox one base consoles. right now my ps4 is seeing more use due to the psvr. but aside from that im happy with both consoles and dont prefer one over the other. having said that – the downside is whenever each console builds a new version i feel compelled to buy both. right now im waiting for neo and diablo.

  2. Arven Tahtyan

    I've owned playstations since PS1 and just sold my PS3 before BlackFriday. Now I'm stuck between PS4 ($249) and XboxOneS ($249)…but those controller batteries are so 1980s..

  3. nicolas satino

    People are so fucking immature. Honestly they're the same shit. It all depends on what your friends play on.

  4. Laurence Harvey

    Here are some very good pointers you should know about both the ps4 and xbox one/one s .
    X box one / one s is soooooh quiet but the ps4 sounds like a flippin Dyson hoover on steroids , the ps4 4 is almost double the price than the xbox , the xbox is on par with the ps4 regarding graphics , if you want to play most of your old ps3 games on a ps4 then forget you can`t unless you pay out £12.00 every month for the privilege and that`s only a select few but the xbox will play over 250 titles of 360 games on both the xbox one and one s . The UI is cleaner and quicker on the xbox than the ps4 . Iv`e come from the ps4 to the one s and will never look back EVER !

  5. Alex the mystical gamer

    fuck Xbox motherfuckers Sony said ps4 is better than Xbox but you can't believe it cause you think Xbox is better but its not you just fucking jealous on ps4

  6. NucularGamer89

    On pc you have to go through so much trouble just to get a game you have a to go to where you have to buy the game, put in your credit card information and deal with viruses

  7. I Gamer

    Guys plz help me should I get PS4 uncharted 4 bundle that come with the last of us remastered and ratchet and clank or Xbox one s battlefield 1 bundle with a 40 dollar gift card?

  8. SirKrayg

    You may want to consider the Xbox One's Play anywhere titles. For example if you buy Gears of War 4 on Xbox, you get the PC version as well.

  9. Universal FTW

    Its not fair compairing Xbox one s with older ps4, u should compair with Ps4 Pro, the new PS4 support 5k gaming lol

  10. Sharde Alford

    I'm going to go with the PS4. I don't want have to keep buying batteries for the Xbox. But the Xbox is going for 204 ant Gamestop

  11. DigitalShadow117

    Just wanted to say I like your channel and have recently subscribed. But I also just wanted to address a couple things that was brought up in this comparison video. Regarding the controller. Yes it's true the Xbox controller does not come with a Rechargeable battery. However Id much rather be in this situation than I would the situation with PS Controller's in that Sony does not give you access to the battery compartment. PS Controller's are commonly known for not holding a charge for very long which even gets worse as the battery ages resulting in more frequent recharges. on Xbox I have choices I can use AA's , Rechargeable AA'S and have a bunch of choices on rechargeable battery packs to choose from. So ya I dump another $20 on a battery pack but it will include two battery's. I keep one in the controller and the other as back up fully charged. When one goes dead I just make a quick swap. on a PS controller as the battery ages I can't just buy a replacement ( least not having to take crap apart and go to specialty websites ) No I have to buy a whole nother controller. Ok second point it's true that the PS4 has a SLIGHT performance edge on overall resolution and steadier frame rates however this difference is negligible. Furthermore what ever slight difference there was between the two have been illuminated with the XB-1S. Digital Foundry has found that the XB-1S and PS4 perform nearly identical now. And my last point I dont believe you mentioned PS 4 does not support external HD's which is a big bummer especially these days due to the size of these games HD space is crucial. With XB-1 it supports it's internal HD and up to two additional external HD and it's plug and play. With PS you gotta go thru all these hoops to upgrade internally and you loose your internal HD that come with the console. And then you gotta have a computer and down load the PS operating system and move your trophies over and reinstall all the firmware updates… Anyhow good video but to be fair I think these points should be covered for the average consumer who is trying to decide which route to go. I personally game on both which is why I know what I do about the things I brought up. Great channel Bro keep the good work up. thanks : )

  12. Midlertidigt Navn (hesen meme)

    I don't have ps4 But i have PS3 and Xbox one i have buy Xbox one and assassins creed syndicate last weekend


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