Why Are Some PS4 Pro Titles Slower Than Standard PS4?

Overall, PS4 Pro does deliver higher resolutions and performance. But some titles actually run slower on the new console. Why?

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28 thoughts on “Why Are Some PS4 Pro Titles Slower Than Standard PS4?

  1. As a 1080p user I was already debating whether the upgrade to Pro would be worth it and this video has clinched it.. there is no way I will be buying Pro now.

  2. The reason these consoles fail to meet requirements is due to the use of amd apu architecture. They put too much processing on one chip thinking it can do it all. This is why pc will always win. Pc puts power across the board for processing certain aspects, rather than on one chip so that it can handle a lot more. I get they use these apu for cost reasons for the console market, but people expect too much for what they pay for. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for".

  3. PS4 got like 5 good exclusives that ran like shit and future titles, exclusive or not will run even worse if you don't buy the Pro. Fuck you Sony, I'm done. Bought the PS4 for Uncharted 4, TLOU Remaster and Bloodborne and now you reward me with "Hey, buy a new Console". Fuck you hard Sony. Choke on it.

  4. I wish games could add the option in-game to change graphic settings instead of having to go in the console menu to change resolution every time from 1080p to 4k back and forth.

  5. Question: I have a 4K TV. I want to purchase a PS4. Is this problem enough to ignore the pro and go for the slim? Or is the presence of a 4K TV too tempting to pass it up? I'd like yalls' opinions.

  6. I was just thinking about something. I play Overwatch at 4K, but I can change the texture presets to Low-Medium-High-Ultra or Epic. Does the PS4-Pro runs games at 4K, but with Low to Medium Texture Quality? If so, it's not that much of an achievement..

  7. Are you sure Skyrim Remaster is native 4K???

    I have a I7 and RX480 and tried Skyrim Remaster in the PC at 4K and it usually plays more on the 20 FPS (but only tried all at ultra)…

    Still if its running at native 4K I'm sure the settings have been dropped a lot from the PC version…

    ps: And the game still looks like a crap, looks old gen… Theres some PC mods for older skyrim that make it look far better than skyrim remaster.

  8. Hey Developers, all of you, how about 60 frames per second in our games. No one gives a shit about 4k, fuck this generation!!!!! This is why I'm stacking up in ps2 and xbox games. Fuckin bullshit with these new titles!!!!

  9. sick of ps4 pro content and lack of proper game comparisons. Dislike all videos till a proper compassion gets uploaded……..

  10. Seems like Sony should've put the release off until early next year, I get the feeling they really tried to rush this out for the holiday.

  11. Thanks Digital Foundry for bringing this topic out in the open. Last night, as I was driving around in Watch Dogs 2 for the Pro, I did notice a drop in performance (you guys were correct) Though I'm overall satisfied with the Pro, I am not pleased with the frame rate drops because this console is suppose to be the "super charged" system.

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