What if SLY COOPER 5 gets Revealed at PlayStation Experience? Any Hope?

Could SLY COOPER 5 be revealed at PlayStation Experience being held on December 5th and 6th? Sly 4 Thieves in Time ended with a cliffhanger which left us wondering what would happen next!

The Sly Cooper Series is composed of four games:
Thievius Raccoonus by Sucker Punch
Band of Thieves by Sucker Punch
Honor Among Thieves by Sucker Punch

In 2013, Sanzaru Games took on the role of developing Sly Cooper 4 Thieves in Time.

Unfortunately, Sanzaru Games left us with a cliffhanger. A lot of fans initially thought that there was going to be a Sly Cooper 5, but that was just a rumour.

At e3 2015, Sanzaru had an interview and mentioned that Sony is ultimately the one who can approve a fifth instalment.

Now that PlayStation experience is on the way, do you guys think that anything, even the slightest bit of information, will be teased at the event?

I think it’s not very likely because Sanzaru Games nor Sucker Punch are mentioned on the main website:

However, Ratchet and Clank is listed, but Insomniac Games isn’t. Can we expect an ultimate surprise at the event? Anything is possible!

Are you hyped for the upcoming Sly Cooper Movie? Although no release date has been revealed, we’re still excited!

22 thoughts on “What if SLY COOPER 5 gets Revealed at PlayStation Experience? Any Hope?

  1. AJ Evans

    Hey VTNVIVI saw your videos great job you know any updates on either the movie or a possible game?

  2. Jomari Lakers16

    i love the sly cooper games and we definitatley need sly 5 because of the ending in sly 4 and in the ending in sly 4 could be the time before his dad died so what if sly saved his father in sly 5 because his still stuck in time

  3. Kersten Warrick

    I think Sucker Punch and the other game company that made the game: Sly Cooper the theivious Raccoonus And Sly 2 Band of Thieves Sly 3 honor among Thieves in Sly Cooper thieves in Time.

  4. Carlos Soltero

    +Vtnvivi this video was 8 months ago still no new updates about the game I'm losing hope by the Day 🙁

  5. The1stGiant Gaming

    Someone needs to get detect contact with Sony and convince them that some money is better then none and to get this thing going for sly 5 with a good proper end where no one wants more

  6. Frank 4

    you should make a Sly Cooper 5 because it's good is awesome and it was to be as good as Sony PlayStation game result there

  7. Frank 4

    how do you make a slide time because it's very good and La Paz like in Sly Cooper series it'll be awesome and if I could have made Sly Cooper 1 Sly Cooper 2 door in Sly Cooper thieves and animes like a man called you so I could pay for one so I could at the time Sly Cooper the master of these can be a good one it's only as I could have you back again history

  8. Nazo Myers

    I REALLY don't want this game series to die, that would make me heartbroken since this game series was part of my childhood


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