Sony To Equip Advanced Features In Upcoming Psp 4000 Console

Information is circulating in the world about the release of PSP 4000 series in October this year. The product has not being launched yet and the reviews are prevailing on the World Wide Web. Sony, the maker of playstation portables had come up with PSP 2000 and 3000 in the past and is all set to bring advanced version of both these models soon. PSP 4000 review can be seen on internet which can give you a fair idea about the product features and usability.  Earlier PSP models can be outperformed by this new model because it will comprises of sliding screen and improved processing unit.

The image of PSP 4000 shown on internet reflects the uniqueness of its design. An improved design has been chosen for this console. It has been evaluated that this 4000 series model will use the existing PSP tech once it’s gets a green signal from Sony. This new console may prove to be helpful to Sony to get both consoles working together.

According to some PSP 4000 reviews on internet, the new system will replace PSP 3000 series and come with sliding screen. Although there has been not a word from Sony people about this launch but the pictures and developments clearly show that work is going on for PSP 4000 development. The pricing details about the 4000 series have not been disclosed. Its previous 3000 model is currently retailing at GBP 129.99 in the UK. Some reviews stated that Sony is trying to give tough time to Nintendo DS which has outperformed Sony’s earlier gadgets.

The new 4000 series is built on PSP 2000’s slim and lite design and PSP 3000’s improved screen and equipped microphones. Talking about the games to be played, this console will allow the user to have shoulder buttons which will be an amazing experience altogether. However many critics are unhappy with this new system as this system is believed to include less quality games. One can easily download playstation games from playstation store and can transfer the games in the new console.

Many people are scared that this new system will be expensive but it all depends upon Sony’s strategy whether they want to increase their sales by keeping the price tag affordable or want to have top-notched console for elites. The best thing about 4000 series console is that games having shoulder buttons can be played even when the screen is slid closed.

The images of Sony PSP 4000 are amazing and incredible. Many people are dying to use this incredible console which will enhance the game playing experience. PSP 4000 reviews are good, let’s see whether the console will live up to the expectation or not.


The news world is filled with PSP 400 release information. Sony is believed to come up with PSP 4000 model in October this year followed by its 3000 series which it launched in October last year. This system will contain sliding screens and will include should buttons for some games.

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