Sony PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim Hands-On

This is our hands-on with the new and improved PlayStation 4 (Slim) and the new PlayStation 4 Pro. Sony says these new PS4 models are going to be around for a substantial amount of time but do not represent a new console generation. Should you upgrade?

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31 thoughts on “Sony PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim Hands-On

  1. definitely a new way of showcasing gaming console etc… definitely underrated Josh, hopefully you will get more subscribers from doing more gaming videos and reviews :)

  2. Really want to get the PS4 Pro, and now the Nintendo Switch is introduced at roughly the same price. I need portability (the Pro has improved remote play but the switch will support and render all games on the device). Any ideas on what to get?

  3. will these news ones still support below 100mbps network only? I'm running 1GBps at home, n my ps4 only support below 100mbps (mostly)… always lags once I start playing online with friends… especially when u at the 2nd phase of killing aksis!!! damn!

  4. Do you know what a 'miser' is? This is what Sony has done to us with the PS4 Pro, the 'Miser' syndrome.

    Sony is a penny-pincher. And also Sony did a deal with Netflix to screw your ass. Instead of you being able to purchase 4K movies on disk and thus having the best picture quality, Sony preferred that you pay for streaming, which is low-grade garbage and doesn't uphold the picture quality because the picture data gets severely 'compressed' before the signal is sent to you, data compression. A 10Gbit picture has to be squeezed down to a piddly 12mbps picture – sort of thing, 90% of the picture has been gutted out of the original, and you end-up with a mere reflection, a resemblance of the original, all slap-dash onto your TV.

    To stream the type of data required for a 4K movie is 'impossible', so they rip the guts out of it first via compression, then send you the left-overs, capiche?
    Much like MP3 and ACC music files. If you take a three and a half minute song from a WAV file on CD, it is roughly 55mbs, but after conversion to MP3, it is 10mbs, so we see that 80% of the original frequencies have been stripped out of it, low-quality garbage. This is the same thing with movie streaming.

    Beware people, Sony doesn't give a fuck about you or if you have inferior picture quality from streaming, Sony just wanted you to pay a subscription to the Netflix app on the "PS4 Pro" because Sony gets money from your subscription.

    Soon Sony will have 75 million gamers who own a PS4, if only 40 million of those gamers end-up using the Netflix app, Sony will make hundreds of millions of dollars, understand? Sony screwed you! Very evil and sinister tactics. If gamers buy the actual physical movie disk, Sony doesn't make any money, therefore Sony has tried to manipulate you to use the Netflix app, but Sony will lie and say they don't think people will buy movie disks < this is a big fat fucking lie. The ones at Microsoft didn't say we wouldn't buy movie disks, did they? Microsoft knew most of us will buy movie disks, this offers the best unadulterated and uncompromised picture quality.

    Don't reward Sony with your money, don't use the low-quality Netflix streaming, don't buy the PS4 pro! You might trial the Netflix and decide it doesn't look so bad, but believe me, it's nowhere near as good as a movie coming straight from a physical 4K Blu-ray movie disk, why do you think Microsoft included a 4K Blu-ray player on the XBOX ONE S if streaming is the way to go? Understand? Listen to me people, Sony fucked you over, and all just to keep get money into Sony's pocket.

  5. The problem with the PS4 Pro, ultimately, if we be real about it… all things considered, and relatively speaking, the PS4 Pro is actually underpowered! 3 Years after the release of the older PS4, and this is what Sony gives us? The PS4 Pro was meant to be a significant upgrade, or more to the point, should have been a significant upgrade, but all Sony gave us was a kick up the ass, an incompetent minor tweak; not good enough, if we be honest! The Microsoft Scorpio is more like what we need, but Sony just threw us some crumbs!

    Sony had a chance to beef-up the CPU, which is known for strangling the output, but Sony took no action to rectify the situation! Quite stupid really, Sony gave us a token-gesture rusty coin Lol, what amounts to a minor tweak to the overall spec, which quite frankly denotes incompetence and deplorable pennypinching on Sony's part. Note the power of the GPU and CPU. Let’s look at the GPU first. Sony is claiming a 4.2 TFLOP GPU, and while they don’t call out the clocks of the CPU, we can safely assume that it’s merely an overclocked version of the current PS4 CPU. However, don’t expect PC-level clocks here. I fully expect a 2.0-2.1 GHz clock speed – a woefully underpowered CPU.

    As a brief aside, recall that Microsoft explicitly called out that Scorpio will have 6 TFLOPs of GPU power. Yes, it’s not releasing until next year, but that does not change the fact that the PS4 Pro is objectively underpowered compared to its competition.

    Remember, Sony touted 4K throughout the entirety of the conference. However, here is some harsh truth for you all. A 4.2 TFLOP GPU paired with a 2.1 GHz CPU is simply not enough to game in 4K at 60 frames per second – an acceptable framerate one expects from a so-called “next gen” console. In other words, simply doubling the GPU power and slightly overclocking a severely underpowered CPU is simply not enough to output 4 times the pixels at double the framerate.

    The GTX 980 – a two year old GPU – is rated at 4.9 TFLOPs. That GPU cannot output modern games at native 4K with acceptable framerate – and that’s when it’s paired with an i7 3770k, an extremely popular and powerful CPU. I know this because I had a PC with these exact specs. A GTX 980 and an i7 3770k is power consoles will never have, and that power simply wasn’t enough for 4K gaming at acceptable framerate. How the hell does Sony think they can achieve 4K gaming with objectively worse hardware?

    30 Frames Per Second
    For all the chest thumping Sony did regarding 4K gaming, they barely – if ever – mentioned gaming in higher framerates. In their blog post, they state, “All games will run in 1080p resolution, and some will even run in a higher or more stable framerate.” It must be called out that this blog was published well after the actual conference itself, meaning the blog post did not command the same audience and attention at the conference itself…meaning perhaps not as many consumers were privy to this information.

    All of the demos shown, barring Call of Duty, were running in the same unacceptable 30 frames per second (fps). Let’s get this out of the way – 30fps is shit. A game at 30fps is objectively worse than the same game at 60fps. Framerate directly impacts gameplay. If you think otherwise, you’re simply wrong.

    Instead of pushing for better graphics and better framerates at 1080p – a resolution the PS4 and Xbox One fail to hit game after game – Sony is hell bent on chasing 4K, that too, upscaled 4K. We have just discussed above how 4K is an entirely unrealistic goal for the PS4 Pro. The hardware simply isn’t good enough. We can objectively measure this.

    Sony seems content with utterly subpar and unacceptable 30fps gaming.

    Underpowered Trash
    This merely enforces a fundamental problem with consoles – compromise. They can either do graphics, or resolution, or framerate. Most of the time, they can’t do any of those three.

    The PS4 Pro is simply more of the same. Instead of shaping the future, Sony is dredging up past hardware and then attaching an anchor to them, slowing down the industry and forcing compromise.

    Sony isn’t offering anything new. Absolutely nothing showcased was new, nor was it innovative.

    Everything Sony touted on stage – everything they touted – is possible and better on PC.

    Sony claims that the PS4 Pro is for gamers who want to be at the “forefront of innovation.” If they truly believed that, they’d tell you to forget consoles.

    Forget these underpowered pieces of trash that charge you to play a game you already paid for. Forget these underpowered pieces of trash whose online services consistently crash. Forget these underpowered pieces of trash that can’t even game in modern resolutions and framerates.

    I hope the gamers will not reward Sony for this debacle. Sony doesn't deserve my money. I'm sick-&-tired of these drip-drip-drip upgrades, which barely qualify as an upgrade! Capiche?

  6. I don't see why Sony's ps4 mini didn't atleast upscale HDR dynamic view and increase the CPU in order to get full 1080p 60fps on all games like Xbox one s did with theres

  7. I feel sorry for Korea… 498,000 KRW? holy shit! that's a lot of paper money! if that's the cost of a PS4 Pro, does that mean a house would be in the billions?

  8. Morning & Evening everyone reading,
    I have two GPU's for sale which are not being used as an upgrade was bought. Have a GTX 650 2gb – nice mid range video card which handles medium set settings on most titles depending on title and resolution & a GTX 970 4gb(3.5 + .5) which is considered by Nvidia an entry level video card for VR, if it's a feature of interest to you, which can handle mid to high settings but again depending on title and resolution using.
    Any interests, have me know here to further discuss deals.

    Also cards can be overclocked to boost frames n performance with most overclocking programs. Since these are both from EVGA, a tool program called Precision X which is free far as I remember on Steam, can be used to overclock if have the know how.

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