Skyrim Xbox One Mod The Forgotten City: Let’s Play Skyrim Remastered Mod Forgotten City (Ep. 1)

Celebrated Skyrim mod The Forgotten City is available on Xbox One in Skyrim Remastered! We give it a whirl in the above Skyrim Remastered gameplay, discovering the Forgotten City and its spooky time-travel murder mystery in episode 1. Who is behind all the burnt corpses? What’s the secret of the Forgotten City? Why is Mike’s Dragonborn so nude? There’s literally one way to find out. Also, why not subscribe:

For those yet to dig into Skyrim mods in Skyrim Remastered, The Forgotten City comes highly recommended. With convincing voice acting, an original story and an entirely new subterranean location, it’s practically a free piece of Skyrim story DLC.

Skyrim Remastered AKA Skyrim Special Edition is out now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Various Skyrim Remastered mods are available to download for both Xbox One and PS4 (and PC, naturally).

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46 thoughts on “Skyrim Xbox One Mod The Forgotten City: Let’s Play Skyrim Remastered Mod Forgotten City (Ep. 1)

  1. "Creating paradox should fling you back to your original time". Oh what?! Well, someone never watched sci-fi timetravel shows before…

  2. This is why I turned away from Bethesda open-world games. They don't have cool locations like this. The closest thing to the place in that video is Markarth, and they aren't really similar. It regurgitates the same locations with predominantly minor changes. You don't want to make the world a fucking mess of floating cities and all that shit, I get it, but that doesn't mean a few unique quests in a few hidden and unique locations would do that to the game. The same goes for Fallout, though I don't play Fallout as much simply because it lags my PS3 too much. Otherwise New Vegas was great, and I've been wanting F4 for a while….

  3. You guys realize there was voice acting that whole time during the notes and stuff, right? You just sorta talked over it.

  4. To those who have not yet played this mod, I seriously, seriously, seriously recommend you do, and before you watch the playthrough Oxbox does. Oxbox brought this mod to my attention (through this video), I decided to check it out and play through it before I watched, and, honestly, it's one of the best experiences I've had in gaming for a long time..

    I will not spoil any single part of the story for you, all I will say is, trust me, this mod.. I have a hard time calling it just a mod.. It feels so much more like official DLC.. It is well worth playing blind, the story is absolutely excellent, the puzzles and mysteries are exquisite, and I really really hope that it sets the standard for all future quest mods out there, it was honestly an absolute joy to play through.

    So again, one more time, if you have not played this yet I plead you play through it spoiler free before you watch Oxbox's series, you will not regret it. Much love to the Oxbox folks though, I hope you guys enjoy it just as much as I did, try to explore as much as you can and uncover as many stories as possible.. Okay, fine, I will spoil one tiny thing for you.. This story has multiple endings.

    Happy hunting.

  5. MIIIKE, you're the lore master you ought to know they aren't dwarves but elves. Dwemer were deep elves, the dwarven name is believed to come from Giants calling deep elves dwarfs.

  6. Anyone else love the fact that we have mods for Skyrim on Xbox? Now when PlayStation players say that Xbox sucks I'll just state the obvious! xD

  7. this is the first time i'm annoyed by one of your gameplays. would have been much nicer if you would have let the woman talk in the beginning and generally let us hear what people are saying instead of slobbering yourself. that is what skyrim is about.

  8. everyone should tell them to save often because of multiple endings


    if you go to a certain cave, you fight the very last dwemer

  9. i get the feeling that metellus is going to identify my items and tell me about what i treasure i have in the horadric cube

  10. I like how imaginative Jane is compared to mike … which sounds better? Torch? Or illuminating magic? If I had to choose I'd go for illuminating magic

  11. Jane blew it wide open by saying "it sounds like a fallout vault experiment." The Elder Scrolls is really an insanely elaborate VR experiment in a vault similar to the VR world in Fallout 3. Vault Tec are studying what choices individuals would make given extreme power and responsibility such as the DragonBorn or helping stop the oblivion crisis etc. They made it so far and different from the world of fallout to avoid anyone finding out that it was a VR experiment and destroying the whole experiment etc. In an even bigger twist, Bethesda is actually VaulTec and they are testing all of us with all of the various games they release recording all of the data from us to further their evil goals. Ok obviously I'm totally bullshitting and just making stuff up like all the other "theories" do. If you actually read all of this, I am Sorry for wasting your time.

  12. 21:24 proof that no girl likes any dick pic, in any way! If they DO then there a mega hore and you probably don't need a dick pic in the first place

  13. So…naked as can be in front of the Jarl, commenting on being buff and such, and when he starts a line wiht "You must work out…", nothing?

  14. All this talk about a lake house does this mean the story is about Keanu Reeves trying to get a letter to Sandra Bullock

  15. Do you always skip dialogues like that? If there's anything I've learned from final fantasy is that you chose every possible dialogue option there is no matter how boring, Sometimes I even reload the save when I have to choose only one thing to say even though the response is exactly the Sam

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