PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio: How Are They Different?

Sony just announced its upgraded PS4 Pro console. In this video we find out what sets it apart from the Xbox Scorpio. Let’s compare the specs, power and resolution of the upcoming consoles.
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37 thoughts on “PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio: How Are They Different?

  1. Xbox is the clear winner for me because all I need is Gears of War…add Halo and compatibility with PC and well what the heck do I even care what PS can do. Xbox has the better controller and voice command and not only that but all xbox 360 games are also compatible and if they aren't they will be..:) apps and home screen is so much better there's really no competition in my opinion…I'm getting an xbox this holiday and will definitely have that scorpion go along with it next yr ^_^

  2. With Scorpio being released a year or more after ps4 pro it's fairly logical to assume Scorpio will blow other consoles away. That doesn't mean it will but it's logical to assume so. The bigger picture is it will not be console inclusive. Xbox is opening doors for gamers everywhere across multiple platforms.

  3. Backward compatibility is a big issue almost everyone. The majority don't care to play old games anyhow, so they'll be buying new ones and moving forward. But there's a few people out there that enjoy playing older games. (Probably not for long) So having backward compatibility sensible. It's better to have it and not needed, than need it and not have it. I myself would buy these consoles if this was the case, but as right know, I'm saving to buy a gaming PC.

  4. I blame Apple for starting the trend in technology and that is to make the new device then chop it up into two or three versions of the same device so they can potentially charge up to 3 times for the same device per customer until they cycle to the next installment.

  5. just make a better console period! this is like a dlc man, doesn't even look any different unless you own a 4k tv. i love console for splitscreen experience with friends tho but for upgrades that put out numbers, It's PC.

  6. PC boys – trolling every single console vid ever won't grow that maggots eyelash of a cock you have stashed in your pants. Everyone has known for decades that PCs are more powerful. Does your penis size really make you that insecure that you need to spend your time caressing your fragile ego by pulling the monumentally embarrassing, cringe inducing 'master race' routine at every available opportunity… it's utterly pathetic

  7. IDC that muck about but I will admit the Scorpio is much better then the ps4 pro(I'm a ps fan) but ps4 pro had no chance cause it is releasing way Earlier then the Scorpio which probable means less development. Unless Scorpio doesn't meet up to its stats(unlikely).

  8. i dont think people should compare the ps4 pro with the xbox one s. they should compare the scoprio with it instead. the xbox one s didnt change anything but the design

  9. this isn't the competitor against Xbox Scorpio. the PlayStation neo if its still in development is going to be the competitor vs Scorpio. I'm going Scorpio all the way it has much better specs and ive always loved xbox

  10. i'll tell you the difference, one is from sony, where it holds it's value and you feel happy about it and spend money on games / sony store,

    the other is the xbox from microsoft that thing has no value 0$ and people don't buy games or spend any time on microsoft store

    so yeah, xbox garbage trow that out !

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