PS4 Pro: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

PS4 gets a more powerful 4k-ready big brother as well as a slimmed down version after a big Sony announcement event. Jake is here to give you the finer details.
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31 thoughts on “PS4 Pro: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

  1. PC bay be in the lead, but come on how many of us knows a PC gamer? I see no reason to buy the ps4 slim/pro sticking with my original ps4.

  2. OFF TOPIC: GTAV is lagging like shiit on ps4 ( 20-30 fps MAX ) it really isn't enjoyable. so I bought a pc that can run it on ultra 1080p ofc and steady 60 fps that is enjoyable and my life is now complete.

  3. I'm actually quite impressed with this new PS Pro. I'm a pc gamer so I dunno if I'll be buying one, but that GPU is pretty much on a par with the r9 290 I had in my rig before upgrading a few weeks ago. It was a beast of a card at 1080p and could do high/utra on all 1440p games. It's never been a 4k card of course but upscaled 4k with HDR sounds pretty great for the console market to me, for the next few years.
    If old games get a frame rate patch improvement, I could be very tempted. Bloodborne looks awesome and needs to be played!!

  4. Hi! I just received my brand new PS4 PRO and when hook it up with my LG 4k tv I get only sound but no picture. I also tried to connect it into my old HD Sony tv and it works just fine. Does anybody have the same problem? Thanks

  5. I think its cool that they made the PS4 Pro, but in reality it seems like it was only to accompany the release of Virtual Reality. Also, the PS4 Slim seems pretty alright. I already own a 2TB PS4 and theres nothing wrong with it, it works fine, and graphics never fail to impress. But some things like the Slim's size act like a magnet and make me consider even buying it, then switching my hardrive over. I don't know if its worth it, but I'm perfectly satisfied with what I have at the moment.

  6. I have the PRO, and im some what a SONY fan, but im disappointed. Im not disappointed with the console, im disappointed with sony not pushing developers to patch the games. Many are on the list but maybe 25% of them actually patched their game. Black ops 3 didnt patch and most VR games developers didnt either and some came forward saying they dont have plans to patch… SONY PS4 YOU FUCKING SUCK!!!!!

    Make money worst it! This makes me want to go to PC now.

  7. I think the pro is useless. All you are getting out of it is like .2 resolution and you are losing 100 then you need too. I'm just sticking with the regular PS4

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