PlayStation® Meeting 2016 | English

PlayStation® Meeting 2016 live from the PlayStation® Theater in Times Square, New York City

21 thoughts on “PlayStation® Meeting 2016 | English

  1. I'm an enthusiastic PC player who has always enjoyed his Playstation's over the years. This is the biggest load of BS I have ever seen.

    1. You confirmed it's not real 4K for games.
    2. You didn't upgrade the console in a meaningful way at all.
    3. You mislead with your 'technical' information.
    4. People don't buy a Playstation to watch TV and Netflix. People who want 4K Netflix already have a 4K SMART TV that streams 4K from the app.
    5. 4K Bluray btw? No mention? face palm.

    People who want to "heighten" their gaming experience will build a PC. 4K costs THOUSANDS; not hundreds. Only a very small percentage of us are at 4K. Most enthusiasts like me are at 1440p and the far majority are going to rock 1080p for a long time to come. What a completely wasted farce. Instead of perfecting 1080p console gaming you've done what? Nothing. Nothing at all.

    Getting tired of ignorant suits pushing pointless agendas, buzz words and wasted opportunities.

    You want to know what gamers want? Gamers want quality, engaging games that run smoothly. You will NEVER innovate high quality gaming visual fidelity with a console on a TV. Give it up. Perfect your console for the 400$ market instead of pretending you're somehow competitive for gaming enthusiasts.

    Know your audience and stop trying to be something you're not.

  2. Hi im here becuase I got hacked my account is Ninjaspartan65 can you guys do something pleease am sad because of it:(?

  3. I have great respect for PlayStation. But they seem like the reacted to Project Scorpio in a weird way. Instead of investing in high native resolution, they instead say, if you own a strong tv, you're good. PlayStation VR is very gimmicky and weak. The PS4 pro looks ugly. But they are the foreign console, a lot of foreign developers make games for PlayStation. When Xbox one came out with their specs, PlayStation wasn't afraid to say how stronger their console was, but now with Scorpio, they have no idea what's coming. Pathetic. I expected better from you PlayStation.

  4. Dear Sony,
    I am one of your loyal customers. I can not wait to buy a new PS4 Pro and play Bloodborne, infamous, etc at 60FPS.
    I think that now is the time for you to develop a new portable device which can allow users to play high quality games just like on PS3. PS Vita is not good enough. I suggest that you should make the display bigger like a tablet.
    I would appreciate it if you could cooperate with Konami in order to remaster or remake metal gear solid 4 for the PS4.

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