16 Comments on PLAYSTATION 4 VR: IS IT WORTH THE MONEY???

I just came back from Gamestop – tested the PS4 VR system.

#1 The games were very immersive. Unfortunately, you MUST be seated and every game basically feels like a rail shooter.

#2 Getting the fit of the headset just right took a little bit – and even then – if your face touches the display, you must wipe it with a microfiber cloth (included) because it will be incredibly blurry.

#3 I played a total of 10 minutes and my SINUSES ARE KILLING ME.

The motion sickness came and went, but my SINUSES ARE FKKKKKIN KILLING ME suddenly.

#4 $400 for the barebones system + $50 for the camera + MORE MONEY for the MOVE controllers…

I didn’t like the MOVE controllers because they feel totally unnatural.

As for the games – specifically Valkyrie – I was immediately reminded of Colony Wars – only with 1080p graphics and a whole lot of stuff going on in the background. Unfortunately, it was kind of hard to enjoy the experience because the PS4 controller didn’t feel immersive enough. I’d have preffered to be able to play with my Playstation Dual Analog Flight Stick… but that’s obviously not going to happen.

I really think I’d rather play with VR on flight simulators with my SAITEK HOTAS setup.

But because I need to see my hands – I’d be better off just using my monitor setup and my home-made cockpit.


  1. Gilbertify

    Yikes, I agree with you, that's an expensive fad. I just don't see this thing getting supported for much longer either. The fact that it costs that much means it'll probably be a bigger failure than PS Move and the Kinect. Most of the games look like either first person shooters, or first person point and click games or something. The one you were playing in the car shooting the gun looked fun, but you have to wonder, how long will these games be fun for? When will the appeal end?

  2. MrHighSpeed83

    Don't need VR. A 65 inch 4K HDR TV along with my XBox One S and soon to come PS4 Pro is all the immersion I need. Gears 4 in 4K HDR is sick. Can't wait to play Tomb Raider and Uncharted on PS4 Pro

  3. Mopar 114

    Hey man, I'm pretty sure that was you on the Meadowbrook about 30 minutes ago?? Haha, I was the guy in the blue Mazda that gave you the thumbs up. I use that as my daily driver to keep miles off my Charger. I was so mad I didn't have it when I saw you and the guy with the white M5.

  4. djkoz78

    Rigs, Battlezone, Here they lie, Loading Human, The Assembly, Batman Vr arenot a rail shooters. Neither is Farpoint, Resident Evil 7, Paranormal Activity VR and the multitudes of VR titles coming.

    You just played the demos in store.

  5. GamingHD

    I tried this at best buy just recently and I felt that it was not worth the money. It was pretty cool but it was a little blurry like a 3d movie when you take off the glasses. Maybe with the PS4 pro it will be worth it because of the possible upgraded resolution.

  6. Hex Bombs

    I picked it up. I love it. Some tracking issues. Of course 500 bucks for me is nothing to drop on one of my only hobbies but I totally understand for a lot of people the price point is a bit steep.

  7. Drew Forbis

    This has to be the most uninformed review i think i have heard. You dont need a new playstation for it, you dont have to be sitting. If your sinuses are hurting you were doing somthing wrong my headset doesnt even rest on my nose lol. and if it did the headset is adjustable to stop that. As well motion sickness is somthing that will happen in vr when your not used to it, motion sickness is in fact a result of it being good immersion. your brain thinks you are moving but your not, boom motion sickness, a few short play sessions and you get used to it and no more motion sickness. Glad to see so few views from someone giving bad information.

  8. Max Angelo

    well i did have motion sickness of playing the vr thing on my andriod nd thats what i fear the most…because i never had any issue with my eye vission so im afraid even tho id love to buy that i dont think il be able to use it more then 20minutes and for those who never tried it trust me….u gonna feel like S**t if u felt motion sickness nd i mean it but i dont know bout the oculus rift so i wont judge for now

  9. / Jay Cee

    played this thing for like 3 hours and it did not touch my face once… i think you need to figure out how to set it up… most comfortable VR in the market.


    I own psvr how the hell did it fuck your nose up bro lol you can adjust the head set so it's not all on your face witch is not the best way to even have it on

  11. rzarectot7

    I might buy it because it something totally new only if it can be used on a ps3 also im not buying the ps4 on top of the headset.


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