PlayStation 4 Review

The system is a year older, and a year wiser.

26 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Review

  1. Why i prefer PS4 over XBOX One:
    -Ratchet & Clank
    -Little Big Planet
    -Until Dawn
    -Crash Bandicoot
    -The Last of Us
    -God of War
    -Gran Turismo
    -Gravity Rush

  2. Dear ps4 uncharted 4 is the most stupid game created by naughty dog when you fight in combat the enemies die very quickly its only 2 hits and they are already dead and the reload button is triangle when you are shooting and you pick up the ammo and also there is a guy standing there waiting 2 shoot at you while you are shooting the enemie had already killed you because when you reload it takes long!! Pls fix the game!!!

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