Playstation 4 Pro Unboxing and First Impressions!

Got my playstation 4 pro in from amazon (paid for this in full, this is not paid promotion). Unboxed it, hooked it up, tested it, and gave you my first impressions in this video. Please enjoy

19 thoughts on “Playstation 4 Pro Unboxing and First Impressions!

  1. Boogie to fix your download speed you need to set your DNS settings to either Google's or Open DNS. It's different for everyone but my downloads went from taking 8-10 hours for a standard game to 45 mins when I switched mine. Also you can try pausing the download waiting a few seconds and then restarting it anywhere from 5-7 times and it will speed it up. I know it's annoying but it works.

  2. All these devices trying to get on the 4k bandwagon. I'm still happy with 1080p and my plasma tv, but I do watch a bunch of movies so i'm biased.

  3. I'm here for you! lol and I bought it anyways and I'm not saying its amazing but I've noticed the difference in load times which is nice. just have to wait for ffxv and see how that looks as well horizon zero dawn.

  4. As long as Playstation keeps bringing out the great exclusives, I'll continue to be a console gamer. I have nothing against PC, but the problem is that my favourite genre (action-adventure) doesn't have as much of a presence on PC as it does on consoles (especially the PS4, with the Uncharted series)

  5. You have to understand it from a first party perspective. The reason the Pro exists is because of exclusive PS4 games, or triple A titles like Watch Dogs 2 and Final Fantasy 15 that will utilize the power of the Pro. Additionally, if you are into VR it will enhance the VR performance, and since the playstation VR is I believe the most affordable it appeals to their wallets as well. I think it was a smart move by Sony, and I am loving my Pro so far. Except for it melting by an external source hahaha.

  6. i was just curious as to what made this version of PS4 any better than an original or slim version and by the looks of things not an awful lot. Its interesting that they dont support 4k Blue ray. I am a PC gamer nowadays but used to be an Xbox gamer. Keep up with great vids Boogie :)

  7. Bought one and the games I'm currently playing, Shadow of Mordor, BF1 & Titanfall 2 look & run a hell of a lot better even at 1080p. The PS4 Pro is a very good console and only £349. I don't PC game because I play in our living room with my family and I don't have anywhere to house a PC under my TV.

  8. I think I'll wait to get the ps4 pro. Usually the first models of upgraded consoles are fucked up. I'm sure very soon there will be trillions of recall warnings and such.

  9. 2:04 Not sure if you can do this but check if you can limit your PS4 to download one update or game at a time. Transfer will go faster and and with less hard drive fragmentation!

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