PlayStation 4 Pro | The Games | PlayStation Meeting 2016

Take a peek at some of the existing and upcoming games which will take advantage of of PS4 Pro’s power, including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spider-Man PS4, Watch Dogs 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

PS4 Pro launches 10th November.

23 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Pro | The Games | PlayStation Meeting 2016

  1. Ever since I saw the before and after beta videos I will never trust a games graphics ever again . TRAILERS ARE NOT THE REAL GAME AND THEY DOWNGRADE THE GAMES

  2. Meh so many great games coming out from this trailer, can't wait for them :3 tho sad that they didn't show anything from new god of war.

  3. Instead of making FFXV 4K (or 1800p) they should really make a 1080p version with better anti aliasing and less pop in. The hair on the characters look terribly pixilated, and the view distance for vegetation is lower than I've seen in any other game since 2010.

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