PlayStation 4 Pro: Review

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro is a perfect way to show off your 4K TV:

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32 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Pro: Review

  1. spread the word the pro is crap, i just got it and its not compatable with my 4k tv, wtf was the point in that sony? whats worse is it was fine before it installed the system update. i have a vizio MC65-C1 so if you have a vizio 4k tv stay away from the pro.

  2. Just bought this and based on initial reaction from cutting the tape off the box I'm kind of disappointed. Sony at $499.99+tax Can. don't you think you could spend a bit more on your presentation??? Honestly, ok here's your Playstation 4 Pro with a couple pieces of cardboard jammed on either side along with you other crap we jammed in another box beside it lmfao!!!!!!! Oh thanks for the small chip on the side of the console that was extra special to see (sarcasm). Maybe if you used proper packaging this could have been avoided as I didn't buy this from a crash and dent sale. Anyways, this will be going back for exchange.

  3. Before saying whether updating to PS4 PRO is necessary It's time to update your TV. It loks like it belongs to playstation 3

  4. I wouldn't even call this a "mid-gen" upgrade. Yeah the games are in higher resolutions, but the games in a lot of cases are running worse than their OG PS4 counterparts. If you've already got a PS4, there's no point in buying one. If you don't have a PS4 … just wait for the Scorpio.

  5. this review sucks. you want a review? check out digital foundry's review. They actually go over the frame rate issues that the pro model suffers in games such as The Last of Us and Skyrim: Remastered, as well as the jutter in Tomb Raider.

  6. Not worth buying a 4K HDR telly right now. I want an OLED one and they're extortionate. I bought a ps4 pro and i'm playing it on a fantastic 1080p plasma. it looks and plays stunning. i've been told that 4K doesn't do much but HDR does add something. at the end of the day, it's not going to improve games like tomb raider. it's already amazing.

  7. That is a lie about 4K.. i just got my playstation pro and i have a Vizio 4KUHD TV and well my xbox one s reads the 4K perfectly, but my new playstation pro doesn't read it.. like why???? if the TV is 4K???

  8. The lack of a 4K Blu Ray drive is mind blowing….. especially since Sony and BluRay are like peanut butter and jelly. LIKE WTF… Let's see what Project Scorpio has to offer.

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