1. Either there's several Pro's out there with heat issues or Digital Foundry didn't test the Pro for long enough when they got their 42c reading.

  2. return it and get a new one from a different store man. could be a bad batch that youre getting. i have mine vertically on a narrow (low air circulation) shelf and it does not get that hot. this is playing tomb raider at high graphics mode. then again, my original launch day ps4 gets hotter and louder, but still works fine to date.

  3. Seriously?! You're worried about 62 degrees measured right at the exhaust point where it gets rid of all the heat the system produces? You should be worried if the system wasn't producing any heat at all… then you know you have a problem.

    Most GPU coolers just blow air over the GPU, so the heat actually escapes into the PC's case, so you may not realise it getting that hot as the heat only slowly escapes the system. If you use a founders edition graphics card that, similarly to the PS4 Pro, ejects all the heat produced straight out the back of the computer, you'd find that it feels a lot hotter as all that heat is concentrated in one small area, but overall you're actually cooling down your PC on the inside by moving the heat outside of the case.

    Most GPUs run between 70 and 90 degrees celcius, so measuring mid 60's at the point where it exhausts all that heat is not a big concern.

  4. Of course it is going to get hot in that area. that is where the fan is and the chip itself is. There is a copper block heatsink there and the fan moving the air out the back of the console. Also toward the back of the unit is the PSU. That is the main things in either a console or a computer that get hot. This is a very powerful console so of course it is going to get warm. Also the software is still in it's infancy for the Pro. I would be willing to bet sony is going to introduce further tweaks to make the hardware not work as hard. Nothing to worry abou my Pro gets warm and when playing games like NBA 2K17 at native 4K 60 frames per second it does get rather warm. It does not get hot to the point where i can not touch it and the fan is spinning up to move that air away from the system. This is normal. Now if you start seeing weird artifacting and or the system starts to freeze then you can worry.

  5. You're a bit obsessed with this dude, check out tronixfix on YouTube , they did a strip down and heat test, on the strip down they showed the GPU heat sink which is massive and the main cooling fan which is huge, they said the pro has a good cooling system…. fact is it's a powerful machine producing a lot of heat and getting rid of a lot of heat…… let it go

  6. lmao my PC blows out hotter air then that. lmfao people are so dumb if they think that thats hot, thats running cool

  7. i love how in the first video he says it gets hot you can cook and egg on it, then in the second video he says, if you are a pc gamer you know this heat is bad and will kill it. then this video shows its at 61 degrees and his all disappointed at the end because he knows he over exaggerated.

    Stock/Reference pc GPUS = 80 degrees under load
    After market pc GPUS = around 65 under load
    PS4 pro gpu = 61 under load

    no were near the critical limit

  8. it can reduce life for the ps4 pro but 62 not that much for a apu from amd again and that big brick on top of the apu i bet that its the brick that puts the console hoter.Now measure the apu temps i bet they are good.

  9. I would not be concerned at all. Those temp are the average for most air cooled PCs when playing games. Many CPUs are rated to handle up to 85-95c without damaging.
    Being a person who builds & mods PCs I can assure you that this isn't an issue.

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