PlayStation 4 Pro – Everything You Need To Know

PS4 Pro is the new 4K capable PlayStation coming in November 2016. This video tells you everything you need to know – specs, stats, price and release date.

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46 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Pro – Everything You Need To Know

  1. the purpose of getting a PS4 pro is so you can watch 4k Ultra HD movies. you're not going to be playing video games in 4k, because the PS4 can't handle that.

  2. OK I'm probably just be n the odd man out over here but dose any one know if the pro will be backwards compatible with PS3 games

  3. Maybe this is why we get destiny for PC.. they have to make it look good for pro and then they might aswell release it for PC.. ps i know the talk about destiny on PC is for destiny 2

  4. well they should have were u can download movies and CDs like, old school Ps3 and play all Ps1 to Ps4 games why not Sony do that make it bad ass

  5. I have a 40 inche Samsung Smart HD TV. If I buy the PS4 Pro would I still be able to play the PS4 Pro on my Samsung TV?????? I don't own a 4K TV in fact, I'm just now finding out that it exist. I just don't wanna buy the console and can't play it because it doesn't support HD TV.

  6. No thanks. I will get an X-box one instead. Maybe when Playstation starts properly supporting mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim I will consider getting a Pro.

  7. i don't know, i want to get a new PS4 because the one i have is giving me the application error code that either auto ejects my game or randomly just stops the game from playing. IT works fine now and then but i'm undecided if i should get another PS4 or wait for the Pro?

  8. We need to figure out. Who is the corporate agent – working for microsoft @ Sony? Because someone is sure trying to destroy the Playstation brand by fracturing the core product identity. ie. creation of "PS4 pro".
    Anyone with common sense knows that such a dumb and idiotic move is motivated either by greed or someone has been told to accelerate their more subtle processes of destroying playstation brand. Very easily achieved by suggesting a mid term "upgrade" of a console that sony could hardly keep up with in terms of demand. (50 million units sold in 3 years).
    And apparently. As recent U.S sales show: it's working !!!
    Anyone with knowledge of what Bill Gates is capable of and the diabolical activities of this individual (dressed up as philanthropy). Knows he has the ability and contacts to do all of the above. And why wouldn't he?
    Plenty of people don't care about who makes the products they buy. By doing so. They are destroying the very thing they claim to value and enjoy.
    Sony might not be perfect. But as yet – their executives don't seem to be in the business of "vaccinating" or supporting the genetic modification of anything that moves or grows.

  9. oh sony… your losing your edge. The new console is still not powerful enough. Why are we always drip fed technology which is dated or not powerful enough to handle today games. I mean for god sake… we can barely get games to run at 60fps. Can this new console even handle proper 4k!?, Ive been haring that it cant?.. for once can we have a console that is inline with the times were living in rather than what we should of had 5 of more years ago. Oh… and don't get me started on your nonsense reasons for not allowing console mods on the like's of fallout4. you know your motto.. "PlayStation… for the players", well the players are saying they want console mods, so…. what gives..?.I've always preferred playstation, but I'm starting to wonder whether I should just wait and get project scorpio now. tell you what, I'll sleep on it and let you know LoL!, (hopefully it'll still be in one piece in the morning!  Bum Bum!! Haaa!,)

  10. Hey Sony, Imma let you finish, but the PS3 has some of the best games of all time. I sill happen to have my 2006 60GB Backwards Compatible version. It can do Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, and digital content. Well, it can kinda do digital content when the store doesn't crash and I can find the game I bought that I want to download after scrolling though hundreds of purchases made over the decade.

    I'll pay 100 bucks for backwards comparability over a "pro" version anytime. Or for a functional PS3 PSN store. Just use the same interface that the PS4 has. Take a week or two, for real.

  11. Really want to get the PS4 Pro, and now the Nintendo Switch is introduced at roughly the same price. I need portability (the Pro has improved remote play but the switch will support and render all games on the device). Any ideas on what to get?

  12. this video about playstation 4 pro has 5k likes
    in return to new nintendo switch console has 145k likes
    o.o ? xD

  13. "Increase the frame-rate from 60 to 90fps, or from 90 to 120fps"…. what's the point in that? 60 is perfectly smooth enough.

  14. Sony won't sell that many due to the mods issue. People will buy the Xbox Scorpio instead. I am ashamed to say that I own a PS4 and feel Sony has really let it's customers down! I wouldn't have a PS4 Pro if I was given one free and this is coming from a loyal customer who has bought every Sony console since the PlayStation One!! Sony you can stick your new console where the sun don't shine as I certainly won't be buying one!!!

  15. Anyway after all of that verbal diarrhea, its expensive, no 4k blue rays. only a hand full of 4k games.
    Get your act together Sony

  16. So as a guy who does not yet own a PS4 nor a 4K TV, would it be in my best interest to invest in one of these bad boys? And no, I'm not going to build a PC.

  17. I heard about PS4 Pro being able to take advantage of "multi-resolution shading" for PS VR. Please talk about that and any games that can take advantage of it.

  18. Just for kicks I'm bored I decided to grace you dirty peasants with being in the presence of a pc gamer. You guys vcr is really adorable but still are light years away from comparing to a pc.

  19. I want to get it but I hope it doesn't randomly eject the cd for no reason every now and then like the original did…………….. Still does it to this day anyone know a fix for this???


    i pre ordered the PlayStation 4 Pro a few days ago n will be picking that up Thursday morning November 10th n then this upcoming week on the 8th ill be ordering this television 55 inch ks8000 model as it's probably the best television for the money n it has unbelievable performance in game mode + hdr with an ultra low input lag as it's one of the few televisions that support GAME MODE + HDR together n that's something people better take careful consideration with when purchasing a new 4k hdr television as only a handful of televisions can support HDR + GAME MODE TOGETHER which will allow low input lag when playing games as 90% of 4k hdr televisions don't support hdr while using game mode n so the input lag will be unbearable n unplayable with hdr enabled as most can't use hdr with game mode so yea THOSE PICKING UP A PLAYSTATION 4 PRO such as me will definately wanna pick up either THE KS8000 OR KS9000 model televisions as currently those are a few of a very limited number of televisions which will give you the gaming experience you want……….

    SAMSUNG KS8000, KS9000, KS8500, KS9500, ETC…… those are the choices you have essentially if you want the full hdr experience as Samsung 2016 SUHD televisions are pretty much the only televisions that can do hdr while inside game mode with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 other televisions and that's it as all the others will not do hdr + game mode n so if you wanna use HDR you're gonna have an input lag of well over 100ms so please guys do your research as I'm only looking out for others as I'm a gamer 1st n foremost n so it's my duty to share this important information I've just recently came across……..

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