Horizon Zero Dawn | Creating a New World | PS4

One of the most remarkable features of Horizon Zero Dawn, that has captured imaginations ever since the game was unveiled at E3 2015, is the vibrant, living world that Guerrilla Games have given us a glimpse of.

Find out how the world was created by the team in our new video.

Horizon Zero Dawn launches in March 2017 and is available for preorder on PlayStation Store now:

29 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn | Creating a New World | PS4

  1. "Simultaneously a role playing game that plays like an action game"

    It's more like an Action game with minor RPG elements.

  2. I've been playing guerrilla games since kill zone 1 and the games they make look really good. I think kill zone 2 and 3 are one of the best looking games on the ps3.

  3. How about you tell us why instead of any innovation you create another bog-standard western open world game with 1000's of mindless checkboxes to fill and freaking WALKING TOWERS ?!

  4. Thx Sony, this is what next gen suppose to look like when PS4(the standard one) is not holding back by the lolPeeC, I mean just look at those basement creeps' $8000 potatos and DOTA2 graphic ROFL!! They only allowed to get some half-decent looking muliplate left-over if virgins are lucky. #PS4GodRace

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