What’s up guys, back with another hilarious call of duty hacker trolling video for you all! In todays video Bladez is back on call of duty trolling random people. He runs into this hacker who says he can blow up his PS4 through his IP address HA! Can we smash 10,000 likes on todays video!? Subscribe & join the road to 3Mil ━►

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38 thoughts on “HACKER ON MWR BLOWS UP MY PLAYSTATION! (Call of Duty Trolling)

  1. Well some dude from over seas trying to fight someone from the U.S, that's next level retard! I'd tell him what city I am in just to see him not show up lol smh CoD nowadays

  2. I can boot you offline an turn your fans off, tho I don't do it for people begging for it….


    I can't do shit cous I'm full of shit and tryna act all big an hard over the fucking ps4…

    what a proper faggot.

  3. Pleas subscribe to my channel and right below the comments of my video I will see the comments and I will give guys a free 12 mounts Xbox live or PS4 so tell me if you have a PS4 or an Xbox!!!!!!!

  4. I like it how he done nothing wrong he was just talking in a funny voice and he said that he's gonna boot him offline and why do the so called "hackers" have shit mics like all of them do u would expect them to have a decent mic

  5. I love how he just lied about hacking and then says the shittiest excuse not to do it. Because he dosen't know how to hack! xD

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