Francis watched the playstation’ meeting’ and saw the specs for the ps4 pro, and lost his mind.
This is his playstation 4 pro rage. He’s quite upset 🙂 If you want to see my ‘real’ opinion about the playstation 4 pro, wait around. new video about it in just a few hours 🙂


  1. personal i would keep it 2 my self as we don't really want 2 know about your rages over ps4 pro kinda lame and sad to be honest just taking up space on youtube

  2. hi men i'm new to this channel and i saw few videos and i like your content so far … i just have a question is this voice youre using is normal cause you suffer from something or just being funny ?! no hate or anything like that only to clarify …thanks .

  3. Stop your perverted language. Don't you know that "out of the abundance of
    the heart the mouth speaks" as the bible says? Christ died for you so
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