Fix PS3 Black Screen Errors – How to Fix Playstation 3 That Shows Black Screen?

If you have to fix PS3 black screen problems then you shouldn’t worry. There are many reasons for this to happen that are easily fixable. Having to fix PS3 black screen errors doesn’t mean you have to buy a new console and it can be remedied in minutes. The solutions are easy and anyone can perform them.

Why does ps3 display black screen?

The cause of these errors is most often related to the HDMI port on the PlayStation 3. To fix PS3 black screen errors you must first make sure that all cables are plugged in correctly and in the right slots. If this is the case then you need to check the settings both on your console and your monitor. If your TV appears to be working correctly then attempt to use the default audio video cables that came with the unit.

If this succeeds then you can fix Ps3 black screen by simply changing your systems display settings to HDMI from within the operating system. When this happens the screen will go blank again until you switch over to the HDMI cable. If this is successful then your monitor should be displaying the image from the cable when you switch it over.

If this does not fix the ps3 unable to display videos problem for you then you may want to replace the HDMI cable itself. Cables do occasionally go out and a malfunctioning unit could cause the problem. Replacing the cable can also fix PS3 black screen errors and let you get back to using your console.

Of the many errors for the console you can repair PS3 black screen easier than most. It requires no disassembling of the unit or expensive repairs. Always remember to make sure that all cables and cords are plugged in securely to their respective slots. Finally make sure to have the proper settings selected in order to ensure the best picture quality possible.

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