David Lynch Playstation Commercial

David Lynch Playstation Commercial

46 thoughts on “David Lynch Playstation Commercial

  1. Buy ps2 – made new social surroundings, "friends":
    duck – infantilism, 
    mummy – hiding personality,
    lone hand – loneliness

  2. What;s interesting about how big corporations will fuck over artists is Lynch only found out in an interview that Sony released this ad in black and white. He made it in color. He's very specific about what ideas are for black and white or color

  3. I remember this ad, never knew it was by Lynch.
    Of course, it makes sense now.
    I never twigged Lynch's Dali influence until now.
    I think the disembodied head and right arm of the main protagonist symbolize the altered experience of playing games on this console, an enhanced immersion of the senses that will separate you from your physical body.
    The triumvirate of sitting characters on a sofa is an obvious reference to old school gaming.

  4. I know I'm in the minority, but I absolutely love it when Playstation pull stunts like this. That baby ad for the PS3 is hands down one of the best ads I've ever seen.

  5. There's another guy at the end of the corridor. When the camera focuses on the duck and he begins to talk, the guy appears again behind him.

  6. The voice in the speaker is italian and says things like: "Not down here, not over there, we are not awake, we are not (interrupted by a "somewhere else" by the strange voice) asleep, and "Where?" and "So?" at the end. Plus some random "Not"

  7. This ads made me so scared as a kid but now I praise Sony for hiring Lynch to do their commercials I mean man, in todays years this wouldn't even be thought of

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