Access Granted: Modern Warfare Remastered “FNG” Challenge

Rob is back on Access Granted this week, defending his undefeated title as absolute worst at One On Onesie. He’s picked the challenge, but can he pick up the win??

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44 thoughts on “Access Granted: Modern Warfare Remastered “FNG” Challenge

  1. Pls don't kill me but I have an Xbox one and not a PlayStation also which do you prefer Xbox one or PS4 and don't put ur jobs into this matter

  2. 7 Videogames where the protagonists have epic facial hair
    7 Videogames with epic mustaches.
    The actual video is likely 7 Videogames that were so good they got remastered.

  3. Not 301 but I wanted to share this:
    I remember one time when my father got the brand new ps2 and my brother bought the original Ratchet and Clank later. imagine, my whole family (7 people) is sitting in front of a tiny Screen and everybody is shouting because my sister jumped down another Island and again and again and again…
    now we've played the Remake, it never changes…

  4. I am guessing that this Friday's feature may be "7 remastered games that you must replay". No matter what it is, I will enjoy it. Ty for all of your very entertaining videos. Game On.

  5. I don't understand. Rob picks the game, mainly because he's been practicing beforehand, then promptly gets destroyed by Dave's first run through?

    Question….does anyone actually believe Rob posted a 19 second time following that whimpering, manic, and slovenly performance? I love Rob, but come come now. Get in the onesie!!!!

  6. rob I also do bad under pressure, In fact if I did one on onsie I would lose so often the onsie would inbed its self on my skin. i believe in you,

    you will win so hard, Dave will rather play resi 7 than play a game with you. haha good luck next time

  7. Not in the 301 club but need to comment it as i will regret it if I don't but im gonna guess "7 game remasters that are as good, if not better, than the original"

  8. Gaming Confession:
    I am sorry, I have sinned. I…didnt like Journey very much (dont worry it gets more interesting). When I first got it for free on PS+ I was so excited because Pplaystation Access along with the rest of the world seemed to love it. My mother was with me as I began to play. She is not a very big fan of video games, well hates them really really much, so I thought to myself: "This is the perfect time to show my mother how video games can be beautiful, and that they are really an art form, not just shooting people up." My mother sat there and watched, and admitted the game looked visually interesting, but she was confused as to what you actually "do" in the game…so was I. After about an hour of walking and doing that twirly thing, she said the game was kinda dumb. I almost agreed, but I had to keep my dignity. I tried to explain how it was unique and amazing…"tried" being the keyword!

  9. Gaming confession: whenever I play far cry primal, I get the bodies of the guys I've killend, and throw them of a cliff. It doesn't matter how far I have to walk to throw them of it, I just do it. Mainly because I just love the way those virtual bodies fall down xD

  10. The day when my older brother bought the ps2 slim i came out of school literally running to play it i was so excited.

  11. gaming confession: one time when I was like 9 me and my friend were playing skylanders and it's the part where you have to take your skylander off the portal and then you find the person and me and my friend got stuck at that part and then when we figured it out we thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

  12. Hey guys, great content as ever! Have you ever played 'Gang Beasts' for one on onesie? I've just recently been made aware of it and I can hear Nath's screaming already…

  13. Gaming confession is I have never played final fantasy or the witcher as I don't like the look of them. I've played a small amount of metal gear solid but hated it. I have though got the platinum for Hannah Montana and Megamind though and I'm a 28 year old man!

    Also is the Friday feature some kinda of 7 remasters

  14. Rob raging during one on onesie reminded me of "that" kid who could never accept how rubbish he was at football so he just takes the ball and runs away…

  15. What is the washed out golf-scoreboard-esq background music that you guys use that sounds a lot like Pompeii by Bastille? Something you guys had made or is it just a version I've never come across before? BTW I do love Rob guest appearances on the sofa, its a lot more 'matey' when its you two together.

  16. Woohoo 28,666 club! On a more serious note, I'm going to guess Rob's Friday feature is "The 7 best games that are kind of like Metal Gear Solid but not quite like Metal Gear Solid but could be if they added stealth, 3rd person, jokes, Ninjas, or Crazy Political Plots… or Robots… or Cyborgs"

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