$3,000 PS4 Upgrade – Custom Water Cooling and More!

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PS4 Pro? More like PS4 NO, amirite? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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21 thoughts on “$3,000 PS4 Upgrade – Custom Water Cooling and More!

  1. why not just spend that money on another ps4 so that you have 2. If one gets hot, give that one a break and turn on the other.

  2. Allright – I have been wondering about the radiator push pull thing.
     I have only known cars and bikes. and it has always been better, in my experience with a pull through system and shroud that ends up obstruction free so fresh/cold airflow to the radiator is achieved before it hits any fan and its moving and non moving parts and becomes turbulent etc, especially electric fans as they generally have a complex grill on them.
    On my antec pc case I was given thats already set up theres a CPU liquid cooling thingamajig with a radiator thats got a fan pushing air into the rad, then into the case. My brain tells me this is ok, but it seems noiser than it needs to be and without a shroud somewhat ineficient. (there seems to be air squeezing out the sides and the air going into the fan has an odd turbulence about it similar to if you were to simply lay a fan on the desk while its operating. Has anyone tried to make a shroud and have it pull air through the radiator? I'm interested to know if this is an issue with PC's as it seems to be undeseriable, at least in the instance of this video.

  3. I was PlayStation die hard fan…one evening i was looking at Graphics cards and a new monitor… and then it hit me….
    1. I dont even have a decent full hd
    2. 0 ps4 games
    3. NO ps4 at all
    4. NO 2nd dualshock control.
    5. Hell NO i wont pay monthly to be able to fking play ONLINE games!
    That is A LOOT of extra money for console experience i have to pay.
    ….Found RX 460 4 GB DDR5,24inch LED full HD Samsung monitor,new mouse and keyboard (RedDragon brand)……
    And it is CHEAPER than PS4 Pro !!! + triple A games on steam sales…. I was mind blown, i started being a PC MasterRace believer!
    Hope you wont fk up PS5 2018/9.
    Goodbye Sony.

  4. In 2013, PS4 was released. In 2016, PS4 WITHOUT 4k blu-ray player built-in is released. So, I call it the upgraded PS4 because it's NOT PS5 with 4k blu-ray player built-in will be released in the futture.

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