10 Reasons Why We Love The PS4

10 Reasons Why We Love The PS4! Whether you like the PS4’s graphics, performance, addons, accessories or upgrades there is a lot bundled into this console to love!

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Edited by: Fikayo Ogundare

Written by Jordan Atkins

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43 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why We Love The PS4

  1. I LOVE THE PS4 but there's one thing that disappointed me.. the pay to play online LIKE SERIOUSLY multiplayer is my life and my parents won't accept that they have to pay every time -_- but they're right why should I have to pay every time while I have the ps3!!!

  2. Hello, I'm looking for some advice, I have a good pc that can play all games flawlessly at great settings. However all of my friends have a ps4 and all play on that. Do you think I should get a ps4 and start playing with them, or stick with what I have?

  3. If I would buy one it would be only for Horizon Z.D.
    So I guess I will buy the game without the shitty hardware and will run it in a PS4 emulator soon(tm)

    $499.99 $0.72
    drm free no Drm free yes
    It watch u Doesn't watch u
    Internet require No internet required
    once a day
    Region locked Region locked no
    If stop working It is usually brick
    How it can be
    Used – as a brick

    Brick wins Xbox sucks

  5. Still can't do 60fps, "even with pro."

    Worst/least exclusive line up in video game history of any generation previous.

    Timed exclusives

    Bought out traditional 3rd party titles


    No backwards compatibility

    horrible controller battery life even WITH new pro controller, "lol, HOW?! It was the MAIN COMPLAINT?!?!"


    80 dollar Indy games

    mobile games

    broken and/or trash ports like Battlemage/kerbal space program, 7 days to die, minecraft

    Forced to pay a fee to be with your friends online through the internet service you ALREADY pay for.

    Wow. I ALREADY hit 10?… I knew i'd get there sooner or later… but not this easily. Wait… I'm OVER 10?!

    /shrug Glad I dropped console gaming as my major platform 15 years ago. Fortunately enough, that's right about when it started falling apart.

  6. I am getting a ps4 tomorrow and im gonna need friends so can i friend request anyone who says ok say your username in the comments

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  7. I love my ps4 because it creates an artificial demands on exclusives while taking hostage of said games. It deters growth in industry and promotes shady nickle and diming scheme thru questionable licensing fees that gamers are blind from. Screw PC, who needs an open ended platform. I hate options and freedom. I'd like to be told what i like and how to play my games. I wanna stay dumb as possible to continue my oblivious lifestyle.

  8. I like xbox because im a kid and their are many games I like on xbox including forza and roblox but on ps4 you cant get those titles hopefully well get them in the future

  9. I don't really care about consoles… I just care about games… Also, the Xbox One could've just been an update to the 360, but they HAD to release something last minute to compete with PS4…

  10. pls buy a pc it is way better then any of the console it is faster cheaper and had more exclusives and you can play with a controller if you want to so it is a better platform then the console
    just want to say that i don't think that console gamers are bad humans i just think that they have bad hardware

  11. lmao at the comments. this video wasn't even about the xb1, and of course ps fanboys have to comment about how the xb1 sucks, while xb1 users are busy actually having fun with their consoles, and the ps4 fans are insecure, and not really having fun with their consoles, so they're trying to reassure themselves that they made the right choice, when in reality, they know they fucked up, and mad that xb1 owners are actually gaming, and not commenting about a console that wasnt even brought up.

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