PlayStation Portable (PSP)

PlayStation Portable, as its name suggests, is an easy-to-carry game console, which has redefined the whole concept of computer gaming. This magnificent game console manufactured by Sony Computer entertainment was officially released on 11 May 2004. Then onwards, the gaming console is triumphantly marching ahead winning the hearts of gamers.

This PlayStation Portable uses optical disk format while playing games. The Sony PSP is capable of performing various functions other than playing games. Because of its multitasking ability, most of the consumers prefer buying a Sony PSP instead of any other game console. It is a music player as well as a gaming console too. As a game player, Sony PSP is already ahead of most of its contemporaries. Its new version, titled Slim and Lite is much more advanced than the earlier versions of this incredible device. This slim and lite version is easy-to-carry and is available in various shades, including a piano black version, a silver version and a white version with a Star Wars imprint.

The PSP® system is gifted with a basketful of talents. You can easily keep off from carrying your music player while traveling. Because, the PSP can enable you with good quality music experience. As a gaming device, it has been winning accolades. The players have the opportunity to play numerous games. Sony already has more than 350 game titles which can be played on this console. From adventure games to exotic sports you can play a wide range of games on the Sony PSP.

Users can also watch movies on the Sony PSP. There are almost 460 feature films, TV programs and music videos available on UMD (TM) discs which can be played on the Sony PSP. Therefore when you go for a long journey, you can watch your favorite movies on the PSP. It also excels as a music player. You need not worry about keeping away from your favorite numbers since you do not have an iPod or an MP3 player. You can listen to the latest hits on your Sony PlayStation Portable itself as the device supports a wide array of music formats like MP3s, WAVs, WMAs, ATRAC3 + and MP4s. Above all, you can create slide shows of your photos and share with your friends via Wi-Fi. Further, with the help of the Sony PSP, you can communicate with other PSP compatible devices, browse the Internet and play games online.

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