PLAYSTATION 4 PRO REVIEW – Happy Console Gamer

Sony Playstation Pro 4 is it worth it for 4K gaming and HDR and improved resolution and higher frame rates?

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34 thoughts on “PLAYSTATION 4 PRO REVIEW – Happy Console Gamer

  1. siloPIRATE

    Little observation. 3 PS4s in this video. $400 each = $1200 plus PS+ at $60… (or £900+ over here)
    You could have built one PC at $1200 that would destroy all of those, maybe even get 4K blu ray in there too

  2. sh0tgunbl45t

    the problem with console industry is they all of a sudden decided to start constantly pushing hardware on us, instead of keeping the cycle at 7-8 years, concentrating on the relevant content what we used to know as great functional games.

  3. Ryan Scherbluk

    You will be fine with 1080P 60FPS games still look amazing in 1080P. But if you have 4K tv and want too take advantage of it then get the pro.

  4. Kailen Bittner

    I'm looking to get a PS4 I currently have a PS3 and a 4K tv I would assume the PS4 pro would be the better choice.

  5. Ramon Caceres

    I own a ps4 an now sold my ps4 for the Pro ps4. no shame in what I did, I love gaming an Hell, I can get better resolution on my games? Yeah ima take it, ima gamer.
    anyone know if they made Alien Isolation Nicer?? that was a beautiful game from the start so I wonder.

  6. VexX

    You do know that the PS4 Pro don't and can't actually project 4K right? And the PS4 Pro it's supposed to be twice as fast and blah blah blah than a regular PS4 but it actually drops 2 frames on certain games, which doesn't affect at all but hey, isn't it supposed to be twice as powerful?.. Right, Sony is throwing shit on our mouth, incredible they're like this now, but we all know it started with the PS3..

  7. sleepyfribble

    ITS MAINLY FOR PSVR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. AND YRS THERE IS A NOTICABLE DIFFERENCE. LOL iv been playing uncharted 4 as well and if u can't tell a difference in res your tv is shit. Yeah the frame rate may drop a bit but it's not bothersom for the trade in pic quality. U sell your og PS4, u get it for a little over 200 dollars . U can't complain unless your broke or jealous or an Xbox troll that is dumb enough to wait a whole year for a promise. U could always use that excuse, I'm gonna wait. Well it doesn't make much sense considering new tech is common. U wanna wait for a promise for better hardware, fine I'll wait for the ps5 which will be better than the Scorpio. In the mean time I'll be playing on the better console with vr option and BETTER exclusives. Yes I'm a troll with common sense.

  8. rad6666

    Titanfall 2 is not native 4k, you need to educate yourself on what's checkerboard 4k or running 1440p. System is a piece of shit.

  9. rr david

    Stupid Pc master race has gone retarded. The ps4pro is not a pc. Most pc players always tell u to buy a pc. Or they tell u their hardware specs. Insecure pc tards. We don't need you to tell us your specs and graphics card. Steam is cheap mostly old games. If pc master race can't afford this system their just Jewish. This console looks better than 700 PCs. Stop telling your specs! Who cares!

  10. TheUpliftingGuy

    I've a PC and a regular PS4 and not to mention some of the previous generation of consoles, but PC isn't always the go to platform for a few games and it really depends on how the developers choose to release the games of course and their love for PC. Let me mention a couple of the down sides. Well, some of the games PC players get are either late releases or bad console ports which are missing some in game content and are actually locked to 30 FPS. So that's the only down side when it comes to the so called premium platform and this comes from a non-fanboy what’s so ever since I almost enjoy all platforms beside of mobile games which is not my thing.


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