Playstation 3 Vs Xbox 360 – Which One Stacks Up?

There are two kinds of people in this world; X box fans and Playstation 3 fans and people that like both come few in between. And everyone has their own personal reasons for liking one more than the other, not to mention all the reasons why they don`t like the opposite gaming devise. But whatever the reasons for liking or disliking a particular console there are lots of things to distinguish them apart. There are certain features that make the Xbox amazing and features that make the PS3 pretty special as well. It`s a tough competition between the two, but considering how they sell, it doesn`t seem to be an issue either company is worried about.

There is always going to be some competition and some rival between two video game systems that go neck to neck. They compete from everything from the look of the console to how the game plays, movies play and what kind of games you can get for each system. There are pros and cons to each machine that make them each a bit different.

One difference that pulls them apart is that Xbox live is expensive it`s about fifty dollars for the year, while PS3 is free for networking. However Xbox offers a better way for people to play online together, allowing them to send messages back and forth, post profile information including recent game play, allowing the players to see who is logging in and they can send messages to players who are not even online yet. There is better interaction with players; in PS3 in order to send a message to a friend you have to close the game you are playing to do so, making it a tad inconvenient.

Another difference between the two systems is the games you can buy for each. For Xbox the games seem to come out faster than its rival PS3 who takes a few weeks to a few months to come out with the same game. Xbox 360 games also get rated a bit better than PS3 games. However it is easier to download games from Sony`s website then it is for Xbox fans. PS3 users will however argue that the graphics are better for them on the games.

The consoles between the two systems have another difference. They look and sound very different from each other. Xbox 360 is bulky and not very attractive; some might even say it looks like a toy. It is also very loud and will scratch games and movies easily if moved a bit. PS3 is black and shinny and very sleek. It looks nice on a TV stand and is super quiet. It is also capable of keeping movies and games safe during moving of the console.

Movies played on Xbox vary from how they look on PS3. That is because PS3 has a blu-ray player. It can offer superb picture quality and enhanced color usage. While Xbox 360 fans have to watch a movie listening to a noisy fan the entire time.

The PS3 takes a win for its look over the Xbox 360. It looks amazing and sound quiet. It is also easier to move and can fit into many TV stand better because it is less bulky.

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