Optimize Windows 7 for Gaming

Windows 7 has huge performance improvement over Windows Vista. However, gaming users are still facing problem while playing online games using Windows 7. This guide will help you to optimize Windows 7 for gaming and other common freezing issues. Using steps below you would be able to speed up your operating system by eliminating those resources which are eating the memory and processor.

a) If you are using normal SATA or IDE then replace with solid state (SSD).
b) Upgrade your system BIOS with latest device drivers for main-board.
c) Add more RAM to your computer for better performance. Usually 4 GB for gaming works well.

Turn off unwanted visual effects (Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing, Animations in the taskbar and Start Menu, Enable transparent glass, Fade or slide menus into view, Fade or slide ToolTips into view, Fade out menu items after clicking, Show shadows under windows , Slide open combo boxes) and disable transparency without disabling Aero. Also turn off unnecessary animation.

d) Remove unwanted startup programs.
e) One of the best choices for storage devices that provides highest possible performance is to enable Write Caching for storage devices.
f) Disable unwanted services running in the background as they are no more important. Of course disable thumbnail preview.
g) Defrag your computer hard drives.
h) Use a best Windows 7 registry cleaner and PC optimizer.
i) Scan your system for malwares and viruses.
j) Update your sound and video card driver.

Performing above steps would help you reduce Windows 7 lagging and freezing issues and you can play games easily with better performance.

Still many of the game users are not aware of an important aspect of operating system, Windows registry. Most of the game related problems in Windows 7 are because of corrupted entries in its registry. In this situation you have to repair registry using best Windows 7 registry cleaner and PC optimizer software.

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