Why is My Nintendo DS Lite Dead?

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So you've been playing your game for awhile now and having just the best time playing it. That is great! There is just one problem: Your Nintendo DS lite is now "dead", and you have absolutely no idea as to why. You have browsed through the instructions and you think you found the problem: You forgot to charge your Nintendo DS lite. Alternately, you accidentally left your Nintendo DS lite on all night and it drained the battery. Perhaps your younger sister hit the "on" button and you did not realize it in time. However it happened, you are sure your new Nintendo is most definitely out of battery power. What do you do now?

That is perfectly okay. Everyone takes awhile to get used to something new. There is just one problem: For some reason, your Nintendo DS lite did not come with a charger. On the other hand, maybe it came with a charger, but you do not know how to find it. So what do you do?

Here is the easiest answer: Buy a new one. If you are wincing at the thought of selling out another ten bucks, relax. Spending ten bucks will actually allow you to use your Nintendo DS lite which you spent a hundred bucks for. There are many options available in these games and people do have a great time paying these it is full of fun and enjoyment. There are many people all over the world have a great time playing this game and there are something's new added each day so there is nothing to get bored about.

You know you love how great your Nintendo DS lite is and you would really like to play it. As you said before, however, it is dead-and you can not play it. Which stinks, because you were almost to the next level of your game before it simply, randomly, crashed? I hope that you or your game saved your progress. Have a good time and enjoy.

So, you are mad that you have to buy a charger. Relax. They are usually only about ten bucks. In addition, it is worth it. Beside, with your charger plugged in, you will be able to enjoy hours of endless fun with your Nintendo DS lite system, and never have to worry about taking a break. Exception, maybe, to sleep.

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