Where To Pre-Order Nintendo 3DS

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Looking to pre-order Nintendo 3DS? Since its announced launch on March 25th, gamers in there millions are looking for the best places to buy one. Read on to find out where you can get yours for a really great price.

So why is the Nintendo 3DS so popular?

With it's vibrant aqua or sophisticated black casing, the console boasts a fantastic 3D screen giving you the 3D effect without the need to wear those cumbersome glasses. You can even turn the 3D effect off, because I do not imagine for a moment you would even want to.

The photographers among us can take instant photos with it's camera feature, and yes, you've guessed it … your pictures will be 3D. It's built in "Spot Pass" feature enables the console to detect wi-fi hotspots where you can get game data, free software and videos and it's unique "StreetPass" feature allows all consoles within a certain range to exchange data with each other. Do not forget also, the System Transfer which lets you transfer purchased software to another console.

And as if this was not enough, you can play the fabulous built in games from the range that are pre installed. All this before you even need to load a game card.

So where can you buy pre-order your Nintendo 3DS?

There are many outlets now selling this cool gaming device online. You will need to make sure you pick the best deal for you and there are some great deals out there to choose from rising from lower prices, free delivery and free games bundles.

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