The Appeal of the Nintendo Wii

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Why does it seem that Nintendo's Wii system is becoming more and more popular over Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation3?

It's the appeal factor.

Okay, well that is obvious, but in the words of Malcolm Gladwell, what exactly makes the Nintendo Wii "tip" over the other next-generation systems.

First, let's go over the cost appeal. The Nintendo Wii sells for $ 249.99. Not bad, especially when the Microsoft's Xbox 360 Platinum Package sells for $ 399.99 and Sony's 60 MB Playstation3 sells at $ 599.99. With this price, Nintendo targets a larger crowd, in terms of affordability, in comparison to the other game companies, which every conservative parent and gamer comes to appreciate. Next-generation system at a past-generation system price.

Now there is the creative playing appeal. What's hard for stock investors to understand is that the video game industry is evolving. Nintendo has helped with this revolution (for those who did not know, Nintendo's original name for the Wii console was the Revolution) by offering the video gaming audience a totally different way to experience gaming. People love interaction and that is what exactly what Nintendo gives through the Wii. I consider the Wii as not a hardcore gaming console for the experience gamer, it is more so a new gaming console with a totally different dimension of play.

Cost of system; check. New creative way of playing; check. Last, the appeal of the Wii in general. Who would have thought that grandmothers would stay at home and bow with their grandchildren? Who would have thought that instead of having Halo (popular first person shooter for the Xbox) tournaments, teens would have been tennis tournaments on the Wii. Who would think that family nights would start focusing on the Wii. The difference is this; Videogames tend to have almost an intuitive factor to them to the inexperienced gamer, especially ones as advanced as on the Playstation3 and Xbox 360. The Nintendo Wii was made with every single type of person's interests in mind. It was not made for you, or for me … it was made for "Wii".

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